Treatment of BPD ( Borderline Personality Disorder )

After being diagnosed with BPD, the patient should share the results of the diagnosis with family, friends, or trusted people. That way, the patient can straighten out relationship problems that may occur as a result of his behavior. When people around the patient have been given an explanation, they can have a better understanding of … Read more

Symptoms of BPD ( Borderline Personality Disorder )

Borderline personality disorder can affect relationships with other people, self-image, feelings, behavior, and the way the sufferer thinks. Symptoms usually appear in adolescence towards adulthood and persist into adulthood. These symptoms can be mild to severe. Symptoms of BPD can be classified into four parts, which consist of: Unstable mood People with BPD can experience … Read more

The Most Common Types of Mental Disorders

Severe trauma due to an event can cause a person to experience mental disorders. Likewise with or disorders of brain function. Common types of mental disorders include anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, and eating disorders. Mental disorders are health problems that greatly affect life. This will significantly affect how a person thinks, … Read more