Change is not for the faint of heart, write Gabriella Rosen Kellerman and Martin E.P. Seligman.Tomorrow is Bell Let’s Talk Day and we encourage everyone to take action to help create positive change for Canadian mental health. Canada is facing a mental health crisis and too many Canadians are still struggling with mental health and addiction issues. Let’s change this!. Gen Z is struggling with engagement at work. Many began their careers only to become furloughed or fired, and the Covid-19 pandemic worsened already growing income inequality. They’ve been influential in social justice movements against racism, climate change, and more, and are already shaping and influencing society in numerous ways. Their disillusionment with capitalism and the establishment is growing. Thus, Gen Z garnered a reputation for mistrust of the status quo, disconnection and impatience, demanding immediate action. To earn the engagement of this group, the authors suggest seven strategies managers can leverage to create a team dynamic of collaboration, commitment, and sustained motivation: 1) Increase information-sharing to alleviate fears of uncertainty, 2) show them paths to career progression to incentivize them, 3) explain how their individual contributions matter, 4) give them room for autonomy to keep them motivated, 5) provide specific, constructive feedback to demonstrate that you are invested in their success, 6) harness community and connection to engage and empower them, and 7) prioritize wellness and mental health to show you care.

Crisis responders say the contract delays have already disrupted the life-saving service.Which innovations can improve measurement, technology, investment, and public policy surrounding brain health?. Some people who have long lived with the disease say they worry about living as a healthy person, while others are concerned about the obstacles to getting treatment.

We expose the NHS crisis through the eyes of those who work in the health service

This winter has been without a doubt the most taxing the NHS has seen.Today’s roundup covers mass shootings, the trauma of gun violence, annual covid shots, prescription drug costs, opioids, and more.Visit the post for more.While 2022 saw several seismic shifts in consumer behaviors, like health of the planet beating health of the population to the top consumer priority for the first time, 2023 looks set to be an evolution of these macro trends.

Anna Cristina Tuazon shares her thoughts on onions relating mental health and the crisis on onions, that solving this will also help farmers. A new report has warned that children living in the North of England are among the most vulnerable to rising living costs. Visit the post for more.

Proprietary research shows practitioners want to help. How can we fix this?. Some wide-reaching tales are too good to be true.Behind closed doors, Japan has more houses filled with garbage than you might think — a phenomenon being exacerbated by shifting demographics and pandemic-induced social isolation.Living in the shadow of a pandemic while hurtling headfirst into a cost of living crisis, being a student is nothing like it said in the brochure.

The government’s financial measures are “too little, too late” for low-income families

Visit the post for more.A new book aims to show how emotion “really gets us to be other-oriented, kinder, more focused on caring for the natural environment.”. Women in low-income households are less likely to receive preventative health care, while those in daily pain are more likely to give up work as a result of their ailments. A study of 10,650 females in the UK found those with a combined household income of up to £25,000 per annum are less health literate, and are the least likely to attend health screenings or vaccination invitations.School closings put strain on families and students alike.WILLIAMS, Arizona—U.S. Army veteran Rick Northrop and Juanita Hendrix had been dating for only a few weeks when .

. Psychologists and psychiatrists have sometimes struggled to keep up with the multiplying mental health challenges posed by the pandemic and other recent events, but through studies and interventions, Vanderbilt faculty members are providing new insights into the crisis—as well as the best evidence-based solutions for overcoming it.The availability of people to take local jobs and homes to house them are expected to drive Salem’s economy in 2023. Interest rates and foreign affairs could also ripple through Salem, local leaders say. Salem Reporter surveyed them on their outlooks for the year.Firms needing clear thinkers with ideas and determination can see introverts as their new secret weapon.

Verifying whether there is a direct relationship between problematic smartphone use and SMF, and whether this association is mediated by self-control. To identify & rank areas of treatment burden in chronic heart failure that should be discussed during clinical encounter from a patient & doctors’ perspective. Four religious leaders representing different beliefs share how they stay centered in their faith.Six strategies can help the post-pandemic workforce regain their footing around fear and uncertainty that continue to loom about the future of work.