. Most American adults aren’t exactly the picture of health, with six in 10 Americans reporting at least one chronic disease, according to the CDC. Four in 10 adults have two or more chronic diseases.
Some parts of the country have even worse numbers, partly because of unhealthy lifestyles and subs. Healthgrades has announced the recipients of its ‘America’s Best Hospitals’ awards, which recognizes extraordinary care from the top hospitals nationwide.

Today’s early morning highlights from the major news organizations.Friday’s roundup covers the Supreme Court leak, Medicare, Medicaid, prescription drugs, health care workers, and more. Plus, weekend reads.A man the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department described as “possibly” being a suspect in a mass shooting at a Lunar New Year celebration is dead, law enforcement sources said.Explore the largest library of research, data, and thought leadership that describes the Latino community in the US.

El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen dies

Greg Allen’s tenure as El Paso police chief was marked by low crime rates, as well as controversy.Films that are based on true events are usually dramas, so when a comedy makes that claim, it gives us a new way to look at the human condition and all its frailties. To determine the best comedies based on true events, 24/7 Tempo developed an index of films using average ratings on IMDb, an. . The less-than-lethal weapon has resulted in over a thousand deaths of people between 2000 and 2018, a Reuters investigation found.

. State leaders are touting several high-dollar policies that they hope will improve mental health and substance use treatment across Colorado.

Colorado scored poorly in substance abuse and mental health metrics with increases in drug and alcohol deaths according to the Commonwealth Fund’s national health care scorecard. Lawmakers made a historic investment in behavioral health care this year, but the problems they’re trying to fix run deep.Nevada saw the biggest increase; American Indian/Alaska Native teens most vulnerable overall. U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and his challenger, Joe O’Dea, drew contrasts on their approaches to a top-of-mind issue for Coloradans.

. Bills seeking to pour $450 million into Colorado’s behavioral health system are steadily advancing with only a month left in this year’s legislative session.According to the United Health Foundation’s 10-year analysis in the America’s Health Rankings 2022 Senior Report, early death rates and drug deaths increased significantly, and several mental health measures have worsened. The Colorado News Collaborative (COLab) of which Ark Valley Voice (AVV)  is a member has quietly been preparing an in-depth look at the state’s mental. The Natural Medicine Health Act would decriminalize the personal use of psychedelic substances like psilocybin and psilocin.

This report describes CDC’s updated clinical practice guideline for prescribing opioids for pain.Dean Matthew Slaughter and coauthor Matthew Rees close 2022 with a winter holiday wish: that in the new year, leaders around the world start investing more in the future of all of us—our children. 657 bills. 120 days. 6 big takeaways.

The Democratic incumbent is facing off against Republican Heidi Ganahl.“This kind of very important work takes a team.”. A new study finds that California is the healthiest state in America with the fittest residents and second only to Oregon in healthy eating. . Are you feeling down in the dumps? A change in scenery could help! Maybe you need to move to one of the happiest states in America.