Thirty-seven hospitals in Massachusetts have started offering intensive home-based mental health care to the families of children stuck in emergency rooms. Counseling at home instead of admission to a psychiatric hospital doesn’t work for everyone. But the state says the vast majority of youth who’ve used this option have not returned to the hospital in a mental health crisis.The Pentagon is planning to hire 2,000 healthcare professionals to address a wide range of health concerns, from suicide and dangerous behaviors to social determinants of health.Here are the results of the 2022 Massachusetts statewide offices and ballot question elections, as reported by The Associated Press.

The three-digit number, meant to be easy to remember when in distress, took effect in July. Massachusetts has seen a 30% increase in calls to the lifeline overall, with some call centers seeing even bigger spikes.Saved by the bellMauricio Henao parked his car at the base of a hillside on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California, and got out to answer his cell phone; it saved his life. A few moments …. According to state data, there are 24% more registered nurses now than there were before the pandemic. So why do many hospitals and clinics have job openings?. Prices were up 7% in Greater Boston this July compared to last year, adding to the challenge for families buying supplies for the new school year.

New England’s grid is expected to be reliable this winter, but a cold snap could cause issues

The grid operator says they do not anticipate calling for any controlled power outages – or “rolling blackouts” – this winter.Some speed restrictions on the Orange Line that have befuddled riders and slowed trips will stay in place into December, more than two months after the MBTA completed a 30-day end-to-end shutdown aimed at fixing those issues, the agency disclosed Tuesday.In a surprise defeat, Hodgson lost his seat to Democratic challenger Heroux after a remarkable 25-year-run in office that saw the leader of a midsized county jail in Massachusetts become a national figurehead for his hardline views on immigration and the treatment of inmates.Thursday’s roundup covers hunger, diet-based diseases, hospitals’ hurricane responses, covid, monkeypox, Alzheimer’s, drug misuse, and more.

Karin Broadhurst’s son has been boarded at Boston Children’s Hospital for 33 days for psychiatric needs, but still cannot get a psychiatric bed anywhere in the state. Her son is one of 40 kids boarding at Children’s while awaiting psychiatric beds — 16 of them boarding in the emergency department.After the May 24 school shooting, mental health help is now pouring into Uvalde, where a fourth of residents are uninsured and counseling options are few and far between.Tracey Williams of Boston is one of many people experiencing homelessness in Massachusetts who saw their lives turn around after staying in a hotel-based shelter during the pandemic. Now some say this “non-congregate” form of shelter should become the standard, while others say the focus should be on creating permanent supportive housing.The Governor’s Council took up Baker’s recommended pardons for Gerald Amirault and his sister Cheryl Amirault LeFave. The siblings were convicted of abusing children at their family’s child care center in Malden during the 1980s.

The Massachusetts Republican party lost every single statewide contest here, all nine Congressional races, two key county races and some legislative races. Some Republicans are wondering about the party’s future in the state and whether new leadership is needed.Writer-director Ryan Coogler’s film unspools under a cloud, downcast and joyless, says film critic Sean Burns. It’s a dutiful, mirthless movie derailed by the loss of Chadwick Boseman from which no franchise could feasibly recover.Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden and Boston City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo are both running for the DA’s job in Suffolk, which includes Boston. And the fight has quickly turned into a feud.According to the report, 119 adults were found unsheltered — staying on the street or in other places unfit for human habitation — during the February 2022 count. That represents a 30% drop from last year’s census.

Harvard Film Archive spotlights the resilient vulnerability of Brooke Adams

The forthcoming film series, “Brooke Adams: Radiance in Plain Sight,” reveals the actor’s relatability in five roles between 1978 and 1992.The $2.3 billion project was originally supposed to be completed in 2014. The five new stations stretching up through Medford are scheduled to open on Monday.Nearly 50 Venezuelans were flown to Martha’s Vineyard from Texas under what they said was a false pretense, but they expressed gratitude Thursday for the way islanders gathered to support them.The Provincetown outbreak is seen as a critical moment in the pandemic. It showed that vaccines would not end COVID, but it also held lessons on how to contain the spread.Massachusetts has strong climate laws and has committed to hitting “net zero” emissions by 2050. So why is the state allowing the construction of a new natural gas power plant in Peabody?. From a new law that changes what you can throw away, to a major break in the “Lady of the Dune” mystery, here’s what you need to know today.

Researchers found patients with mental health issues waited an average of 16 to 21 hours for inpatient treatment, while patients with physical health problems waited about four hours.As high temperatures and low rainfall continue, the drought in Massachusetts is not improving.A new report from The Boston Foundation finds that although more housing is being built in Greater Boston, homeownership is still unattainable for many, and rent is becoming increasingly burdensome.On view at Cape Cod’s Cahoon Museum of American Art, this largely forgotten folk art form — turning discarded whale bones and teeth into novel canvases — is filled with stories about a finite period in American history.

Authorities said another suspicious package was found near the Museum of Fine Arts and the FBI was assisting with the investigation.The Massachusetts governor’s race features two candidates with starkly different views of former President Donald Trump. Trump has endorsed Geoff Diehl, while Maura Healey repeatedly sued the Trump administration.Sea levels along Massachusetts’ South Coast are projected to rise over two feet by 2050. Sea-level rise, along with salt marsh erosion, will increase flooding in the 14 towns that border Narragansett Bay and Buzzards Bay.Xylazine is not approved for humans. But it’s being found in a quarter of drug samples tested statewide in Massachusetts. The sedative is linked to severe wounds, extreme anxiety in withdrawal, more overdoses and possibly more deaths.The sleek Mayflower Autonomous Ship met with an escort boat as it approached the Massachusetts shoreline Thursday, more than 400 years after its namesake’s historic journey from England.Ron Howard’s “Thirteen Lives,” Tom Waller’s “Cave Rescue,” and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin’s documentary “The Rescue” are all available to stream this weekend. Film critic Sean Burns says they may not all be worth your time.