The sheriff of Oakland County, who noted that a 10-year-old daughter had survived, called the deaths preventable, citing the mother’s untreated mental illness. The bodies of Monica Cannady, 35, and her sons Kyle Milton, 9, and Malik Milton, 3, were discovered Sunday afternoon.

The woman, Ebony Jackson, was charged in the killing of Lamont Barkley during a dispute on a bus in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the Bronx.A star on offense and defense, he took Georgia to a Rose Bowl victory and the Chicago Cardinals to an N.F.L. title. “The greatest football player I’ve ever seen,” Jim Thorpe said.The student is expected to plead guilty on Monday. The attack at Oxford High School killed four students.New search-warrant records detail investigators’ efforts to link the suspect, Bryan Kohberger, to the crime scene. No weapons were seized in the search.

Texting on Private Apps Costs Wall Street Firms $1.8 Billion in Fines

The S.E.C. fined several big banks for not monitoring employees who used private apps to discuss work or preserving those messages.The company started its season performing “Medea,” “Idomeneo” and “Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk,” three of opera’s most distinctive scores, with care and passion.Britt Reid, son of Kansas City Coach Andy Reid, was sentenced to prison for severely injuring a 5-year-old girl in a crash after he drank alcohol on the job. Her family has railed against the plea deal reached in a football-mad city.Sundiata Acoli, who has dementia, will be freed to live with his daughter in Brooklyn after serving 49 years for the death of Trooper Werner Foerster.

The company’s chief executive had signaled for several months that he wanted to rein in costs as he shifts attention toward the metaverse.In Simon Parkin’s riveting account, a shameful chapter in British history is also a testament to creativity and hope.Qatar’s about-face on alcohol signaled that FIFA, soccer’s governing body, may no longer be in full control of its showcase championship.The attacks, four within a month, had created a deep sense of anxiety in Hell’s Kitchen — a feeling compounded on Saturday by a deadly assault on a gay bar in Colorado.

The U.S. victory over Iran sent it to the round of 16, with a match against the Netherlands on Saturday. The team already has much to be proud of.A three-judge panel temporarily halted a lower court’s ruling blocking a section of the law, the third such stay the panel has issued this month.In the old days, teams held up signs to get info to drivers. Now a race engineer can talk directly to them.Two 15-year-old girls and two 16-year-old boys were injured on Wednesday when someone fired from a passing S.U.V. about a block from Overbrook High School, the authorities said.

Michigan Police Officer Charged With Murder After Killing Black Motorist

Patrick Lyoya was fatally shot by a white Grand Rapids officer during a traffic stop, renewing a national debate about police conduct and use of force.The film’s thesis is blunt: Put a woman in power, and she’ll be as sexually inappropriate and badly behaved as any man.Tyshawn Sorey’s “Monochromatic Light (Afterlife),” written for the Rothko Chapel in Houston, becomes longer and grander for the Park Avenue Armory.Sandy Alcantara and Pablo López of the Miami Marlins have been the N.L.’s best pitchers this season. They are motivated by the loss of a parent and bound by a sense of purpose.The Supreme Court decided in Olmstead v. L.C. that warehousing people with disabilities in mental institutions was discriminatory.How has Italy remained, for centuries, one of the most innovative places for interiors and architecture?.

The airline said it was too small to compete at the airport and would cease flights there at the end of October.At this time of year, the best-selling books for children are all Christmas, all the time. And they’re not even new!. Elizabeth, famously reticent during her decades in the public eye, was a source of fascination for many. These books offer a deeper understanding of her life, family and world.“I Am the Moon,” inspired by the 12th century Persian poem “Layla and Majnun,” gave the roots rockers focus, perspective and a host of new songs to play at their New York residency.

Despite rapid interest rate increases by the European Central Bank, more than half of the 19 eurozone countries see double-digit rises in consumer prices.Mr. Musk said that workers would need to answer through an online form by late Thursday and that those who stayed would be “working long hours at high intensity.”. In “The Book of Goose,” a literary hoax devised by two teenagers closes the distance between fiction and reality.This documentary follows one Afghan general, Sami Sadat, to tell an emotional story.The Yankees showed no rust after five days off, cruising to a relatively easy win at home over Cleveland.Nearly 10 years after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre — and the conspiracy theories spread by Mr. Jones — Newtown residents are trying to move past their grief and anger.