A conservative backlash to transgender rights and the ongoing pandemic are contributing to. Spurred by reports of inhumane conditions at Texas Juvenile Justice Department facilities, Austin-area teenagers are lobbying the Legislature to reform the system.Today’s roundup covers abortion laws, covid, variants, Medicare drug prices, opioid deaths, gas stoves, nurse strike, long covid, and more.

Will Cincinnati’s REI location be next?. “We need legislators to understand the full ramifications of the legislation they’re introducing.”. .

The Battle Over Gender Therapy

More teenagers than ever are seeking transitions, but the medical community that treats them is deeply divided about why — and what to do to help them.Small studies suggest that breast removal surgery improves transgender teenagers’ well-being, but data is sparse. Some state leaders oppose such procedures for minors.Policymakers could make behavioral health care, including mental health services, more affordable and accessible by enforcing network adequacy and parity provisions, lowering patient costs, and making networking with insurers more attractive for providers.Shame and shunning make mental illness worse. But new studies suggest that attitudes are changing for the better—and that’s largely due to young people.

This brief examines the implications of coronavirus-related social distancing practices and the current financial crisis on mental health, including challenges to accessing mental health or substan. This Juristat article examines human trafficking incidents that were reported to police between 2010 and 2020. Information on rates of victimization—and characteristics of victims and accused persons—is presented. In addition, prior contact with police among accused persons and court outcomes are examined.In the wake of stay-at-home orders that pitched Bay Area students into academic and.

Here’s what parents need to know.Leading experts on transgender medicine are accusing trans activists of muffling their concerns about the quality of evaluations of adolescents and young adults with gender dysphoria.Transgender adolescents and their families experience barriers to care and specialized providers might not always be available. However, the work with transgender adolescents can be rewarding.

. Controversial comments about transgender people made by “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling have sparked another online discussion about gender identity. Here’s the difference between gender and sex and how both impact a person’s identity.SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ Prologis Inc. (PLD) on Wednesday reported a key measure of. While more must be done to shrink the footprint of the U.S. criminal justice system, the national dialogue around reform during summer 2020 has inspired transformative ideas and tangible policies that can be built on moving forward. .