Practice may help regulate gut microbiome and lower risk of ill health, study of Buddhist monks finds. Researchers who studied Tibetan monks report that deep, regularly scheduled meditation can alter microbes and improve gut health. Tibetan Buddhist monks, who meditate regularly, had vastly different gut microbiomes than the non-meditating control group.

‘For one reason or another, no one references it,’ he said. C. difficile (C. diff) is a bacterial infection that affects nearly half a million Americans each year. Paradoxically, . Filled with trillions of bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses, it affects your heart, lungs and mental health. Signs Of An Unhealthy Gut.

How Anger Affects the Body

Lost your cool? Your heart, brain and gut are taking notice.A new study in mice suggests that pain neurons in the gut help to regulate the secretion of protective mucus. The neurons responded to painful gut inflammation by signaling other cells to increase mucus production.A new meta-analysis of the current research shows that mind-body practices effectively lower blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes. Results indicate that yoga had the most significant effect compared to other mindfulness practices that were studied.Research suggests that disturbances in gut microbiota — the good (and bad) bacteria and other microorganisms in your gut — are tied to anxiety.

Psychobiotics: Using Probiotics For Mental Health. Researchers from the University of Oxford found that friendship is just as important for our physical health as it is for our mental well-being.If you live with PTSD, meditation may help improve your symptoms. Get the details on its potential benefits and how to get started here.The risk of developing symptoms of depression remains high up to a year after you’ve recovered.

Your skin and your inner world are intimately linked.The blue poop challenge gives individuals information about their gut health. Learn more.Positive self-talk is an internal dialogue that helps a person feel optimistic and good about themselves. Read about its benefits, uses, and more.Surf therapy can help promote physical and mental health, such as reducing anxiety and depression. Learn more about who may benefit from it and how.

How to Try Silent Meditation

Silence may be golden, but can it really help you meditate? Learn the potential benefits of silent meditation and how to try it here.Singer Lauv’s mental health journey has inspired him to launch a $3 million program to provide free therapy for anxiety, depression, and other conditions. There are several different ways to measure stress, but none are exact readings.The 333 rule is a coping technique for anxiety that involves naming 3 objects and 3 sounds in your environment, then moving 3 parts of your body. You may need treatment for the underlying cause of your anxiety.Queen Elizabeth II of England died at the age of 96. The queen had been experiencing several health and mobility issues, including testing positive for COVID-19 earlier in the year. It was reported that the queen died peacefully at her summer residence in Scotland.Are there plenty of birds in your neighborhood? A new study finds they may be great for your mental health.

Coloring can be a great activity for adults, too. Get the details on its potential benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety and better sleep.The Beatles made this style of meditation famous, but what can it do for you?. Two new studies show the effects that social isolation and loneliness can have on cardiovascular health and cognitive decline. Mushrooms are powerful little fungi with the potential to heal the planet.

Your 101 on scalp picking.Feel like your brain’s running on fumes? It may be time to fill up your mental energy tank.Scientists found that these health benefits are unique to the Nordic dairy product and aren’t found in other types of cheese.ADHD symptoms can get worse when estrogen levels drop. Learn more about how and why menopause affects ADHD and what you can do to find relief.We polled our editors who meditate to find out what helps them connect with their bodies and minds. Here are their recommendations to get you started.New research examines the link between the ‘Big Five’ personality traits and the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment.