After the sudden passing of Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis, mental health experts explain why we often feel very sad when celebrities die, even though we did not know them personally.Los Angeles Clippers teammates Paul George and Reggie Jackson are advocating for mental health off the court.Nearly 45 years after the death of Elvis Presley, his family is suffering from new tragedy but also celebrating a new movie about the legend.

Hear advice from teens themselves on how to support their mental health.A new classification in psychology has set off a debate over what should be done about “prolonged” grief.“We have lost our beloved son, brother, and friend,” they said in a statement.Hilary Duff, Katie Thurston and more stars reacted to Aaron Carter’s death on Saturday, November 5 — read more.

Ashley Judd says grieving mom Naomi’s death by suicide has been ‘exceedingly difficult for me’

“My mother did die by suicide with a gunshot wound — and I’m the one who found her and was with her and walked her home,” Ashley said in a grief podcast. “And so this is exceedingly difficult for me. It’s going to be with me for a long time.”. New federal data outline the scale of suffering among Native Americans and Alaska Natives.An etiquette expert has outlined how Australians should mourn Queen Elizabeth II after her death – and what’s not appropriate at this time.Jennifer Aniston, Kourtney Kardashian and Gisele Bundchen are fans of this trendy approach to eating, but researchers aren’t.

The singer/songwriter, 54, penned an essay about her son’s July 2020 death for National Grief Awareness Day. She said what keeps her going is her three daughters.Ashley Judd opened up about the ‘mixed day’ her mother, Naomi Judd, had before the actress found the 76-year-old dead — more. The singer, 53, who has signed for the new season of Strictly Come Dancing, explained that joining the dance show ‘felt like a sign’ to get him out of his routine.We’re remembering the big screen stars, music legends, cultural pioneers and those who left indelible memories on the public consciousness.

Celine, 54, announced on Thursday that she had been diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome – a neurological disorder which causes muscles to tense and leaves sufferers as ‘human statues.’. Natascha McElhone, 52, has suffered heartbreak and hardship as a widow and single mother-of-three – despite this, her Hollywood career has flourished as she’ll soon be seen in The Crown.A former college basketball player at the University of South Florida who was engaged to be married, Neena was known for her contagious smile and positive demeanor. THE last living relative to have known MarilynMonroe has changed her name and spent the last decade living out of the public eye in a retirement.

Rebecca Gibney reveals mental health battle

Rebecca Gibney has revealed that she suffered so badly from panic attacks that she felt as if she was sliding into a ‘black hole’ from which she could not escape. . “I feel like the world is my oyster. I want to spend my time doing a lot of good,” Boone tells The Post.Aaron Carter, singer, reality star and the brother of the Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, died Saturday. Stacey Heale lost her husband Greg to terminal bowel cancer when he was 44. She had given up her career as a fashion academic to spend time with him, when he was told he would die. A detainee hung himself at the Eric M. Taylor Center on Rikers Island, marking the 14th death in Department of Correction custody so far this year.Cooper, 55, reflected on the loss of his brother during an interview with his friend and colleague Christiane Amanpour on her eponymous show.

The country music superstar says a tick bite in 2003 led to Lyme disease.Days after a gunman killed seven and wounded dozens more in a rampage at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, the shooter’s father told the New York Post he wants his son to serve a long prison sentence.English opens up about his new cannabis-infused food line and his latest project: a hotel.Inside Leslie Jordan’s struggle with addiction before getting sober which included a jail stint with actor Robert Downey Jr.The beloved actor died tra.

After making history as the first Love Island personality to compete on the ITV show, the 31-year-old reality star has now left the camp after a reported ‘medical drama’.In 2017, Kristen Scott had a discussion with her husband, Ira, that would haunt her for years.Several years after the death of Elvis Presley’s mother Gladys, his ex-girlfriend Barbara Hearn was invited to spend the evening with him at his Memphis mansion Graceland. LEONARD: As Americans eye the creeping acceptance of euthanasia, they’d be well advised to look north to head off a preventable, but terminal societal illness. The cheapening of human life.AILING Wendy Williams’ permanent financial guardian has now been disclosed, as the expert cut off her ex-husband and their son Kevin from her massive. FOR nearly three decades Leonardo DiCaprio has been one of Hollywood’s hottest heartthrobs, and now the actor is single once more.We revealed this wee.