Seattle Public Schools says that Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube are to blame. Seattle’s public school district filed a lawsuit against Big Tech claiming that the companies were responsible for a worsening mental health crisis among students and directly affected the schools’ ability to carry out their educational mission.Like the tobacco, oil, gun, opioid and vaping industries before them, the big U.S. social media companies are now facing lawsuits brought by public.

Seattle’s public school district filed a lawsuit against Big Tech claiming that they were responsible for a worsening mental health crisis.The earth’s ozone layer is on track to repair itself in four decades.5 questions every business leader should be asking. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued an alert against four India-made cough syrups saying they may be responsible for the death of 66 children in the Gambia.

With changing definition, Meta becomes India’s largest media company

Meta Platforms is nowhere among the world’s largest media companies.Switzerland is a country of 8.6 million people. As of Oct. 16, according to data compiled by Our World in Data, it had delivered a total of 16.1 million doses of the covid vaccine—or 1.85 doses per person (though only 70% of the Swiss population actually decided to receive at least one shot).A new startup is emerging in Seattle with plans to partner with schools to support adolescent mental health. Alongside is developing an app that interacts with students through a chatbot… Read More. Bangladesh suffered its worst blackout since 2014 on Tuesday (Oct. 4), a symptom of disrupted fuel supplies and a preview of what other countries might face in the coming months.

Twitter shareholders voted to approve billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s $44 billion takeover of the social-media company, a predictable outcome in an otherwise bizarre and highly litigated merger.India has allowed Sri Lankan citizens to hold up to $10,000 (8.14 lakh Indian rupees) in Indian rupees in the physical form. They will also be able to convert the neighbour’s currency for those of other nations, thus enabling trade.For over two years now, the US government has purchased all of the covid vaccines administered in the country, in what has become the largest public vaccination campaign in American history.One scene for observing a rising buzz in the restaurant business in Lagos is at Ikota, a few miles into the relatively upscale Lekki area on the city’s island. Once dominated by Nigerian fast food chain, Mega Chicken, the neighborhood is welcoming familiar names Domino’s, and The Place, with the fast-rising Blackbell about to finish construction. FilmHouse, Nigeria’s biggest cinema chain, is setting up within the same hundred yard radius.

Elon Musk’s plans to buy Twitter for $44 billion appear to be back on, and as a result, the tech mogul is tweeting about the deal again. A couple of those tweets, posted in the waning hours of Oct. 4, make mention of an “everything app” Musk refers to as “X.”. A burgeoning design startup will now be owned by the very giant it was born to rival.American billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates has pledged to use part of his wealth to finance Africa’s health and agriculture sectors, which he believes anchor the continent’s progress.Two entities under The Trump Organization’s umbrella have been convicted of criminal tax fraud. It’s a first for Donald Trump’s company, set to tarnish the former president’s brand of successful businessman.

India has readied its digital rupee for retail use

A month after India’s central bank launched its digital rupee for the “wholesale segment,” it is all set to pilot its retail version from tomorrow (Dec. 1).The latest global tech unicorn to have its startup story told as a television docudrama is Spotify. Netflix has released the first full trailer for a new series called The Playlist, which details the rise of the Swedish streaming startup founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in 2006.India has ventured into the smart protein sector, with food-tech startups and businesses producing vegan alternatives to meat, eggs, and dairy.Whether the Federal Reserve can curb inflation without triggering a recession remains an open question. But fresh economic data suggests a “soft landing” for the US and global economy is entirely possible.Twitter began laying off thousands of its employees on Friday, Nov. 4—possibly half of the 7,500-person staff—just one week after being bought by billionaire Elon Musk.The experiment is over: After 11 months in full operation, G4TV is shutting down operations. The gaming entertainment network’s closure comes just a month after the network laid off as many as 30 members of its team to cut costs.

Russia has turned to India for raw materials and spare parts for its industries reeling under western sanctions. But India is unable to make the most of it.Britons are preparing for a holiday season of delayed packages, cancelled trains, and medical shortages, as hundreds of thousands of workers plan to walk off the job amid a nationwide cost of living crisis.Indians in the US are facing a two-fold caste problem: Discrimination is rampant, yet people don’t entirely understand it.Brittney Griner, the American basketball star imprisoned in Russia, was released on Thursday (Dec. 8) in a prisoner swap for Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer whose notoriety earned him the epithet “Merchant of Death.”.

India’s financial services industry is soaking in foreign portfolio investor (FPI) funds.Charles Shaw wine holds a special place in the hearts of Americans who love both alcohol and bargains. Sold exclusively at Trader Joe’s stores since 2002, the wine affectionately known as “Two-Buck Chuck” is affordable (about $2 to $4 per bottle) and proudly unpretentious. It’s the kind of drink that an under-funded history department might set out for grad-student happy hour, or that house-party hosts plan to crack open toward the end of the night, when everyone is too tipsy to pay much attenti. Walmart, the biggest private employer in the US, is cutting back on its seasonal holiday staffing. It announced it would hire just 40,000 workers, in a mix of full-time and part-time roles, a big drop from the 150,000, mostly full-time people it recruited last year to help man its stores and warehouses.Last year, Nobuaki Kurokawa was granted a trademark in Japan for the seemingly innocuous brand name CUGGL, to use on apparel. But when the mark made its fashion debut, only half of it was visible:. There are many benefits to raising taxes on the rich. You can lower inequality, raise government revenue, and make a lot of people happy.In November 2021, US pharmaceutical giant CVS announced a $10 million commitment to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to be delivered over three years. Introducing its pledge, CVS’s social responsibility team said the donations would support families dealing with diabetes and fund research to eradicate health disparities. The company also said it would “host an in-store fundraising campaign at all CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide during National Diabetes Month to give customers an opportu.