Women are increasingly discussing the forgetfulness, anxiety and suicidal thoughts they have experienced as their hormones change in midlife. Why is more help not available?. Going through menopause creates medical and emotional challenges that can interfere with an employee’s performance and satisfaction at work.Dealing with menopause wasn’t how Emma, Soe-Myat and Elspeth had imagined their 20s.

Coping with brain fog – from menopause to long-COVID. And how to manage hot flash-induced anxiety.Switching to a diet low in animal products and fats, high in vegetables, and adding a serving of soybeans reduced hot flashes and increased weight loss in menopausal women by up to 88%.

6 Menopause Mouth Symptoms and How to Treat Them

There are many lesser-known symptoms you may not readily attribute to menopause. Mouth pain and discomfort, for example, are quite common during menopause.Menopause symptoms are not being recognized, leading to misdiagnosis and improper treatment.Menopause can affect your mouth in several ways. Learn more about what’s causing your burning mouth, altered taste, and bleeding gums.Today we mark World Menopause Day – an important occasion for raising awareness of the menopause and the many ways it can impact the lives of people going through it.

Skin changes are a common side effect of menopause. We explain why your skin changes during menopause and what you can do about it.Employers in some countries are stepping up efforts to support staff through this life stage. Others need to follow suit. Employers in some countries are stepping up efforts to support staff through this life stage. Others need to follow suit.Deena Kuruvilla, MD, answers questions on the connection between migraine and menopause.The transition from perimenopause to menopause is a normal, natural bodily process, but with it comes many misunderstandings. Here’s what to know.

Worse menopausal symptoms and well-being may relate to stressors and trauma early in life, data shows. Proactive, trauma-informed care may help ease problems.Is “the change” upon you? These expert tips have your skin care covered.Three women share their VMS experiences and the lessons learned from openly discussing menopause.Sleep and menopause specialists explain why and share solutions.

A top doctor shares how to train during the menopause and perimenopause

To ease symptoms, fast. Hot flushes, reduced libido and mood swings and other classic menopause symptoms have been blamed by 70% of divorced women for the breakdown of their marriage.Alice Mackintosh tackles the most common beauty issues that spring up as women enter peri-menopause and onwards.The presenter tells WH how she was left blindsided by hormonal changes in her early 40s.New research found a vegan diet reduced hot flushes by 88%.

. Chemo-induced menopause is common. Learn how chemotherapy impacts your menstrual cycle and what you can do about it.80% of breast cancer cases in women who’ve completed menopause rely on the female hormone estrogen to fuel their growth. Rachel Layman, M.D., explains how drugs called aromatase inhibitors can block estrogen from fueling cancer in post-menopausal women.Gabapentin is an antiseizure medication that can reduce hot flashes, but it has some risks. Learn more about gabapentin for hot flashes.

The menopause market is worth an estimated $600bn – and producers are falling over themselves to target women with everything they might need, from underwear to scents. “Most colleagues want to support but don’t have the knowledge or tools to do so.”. Perimenopause is the period of time before menopause, and it makes a person’s menstrual cycles become irregular. Learn more. Researchers have found a link between hysterectomy and an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, especially among women under 45. The scientists also found typical type 2 diabetes risk factors like high BMI and a sedentary lifestyle did not change the increased risk.Menopause is a natural life stage that all women on the planet will potentially experience in their lives, yet it is still something of a taboo to many.