The department’s helpline is less than a year old. But advocates hope state lawmakers fully fund it as farmers and ranchers continue to face hard economic times and isolation.Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker signed a bill targeting the sale and manufacture of high-power assault weapons, .50 caliber rifles and ammunition, plus large-capacity magazines. Also: health care layoffs. Today’s roundup covers suspicious deaths, covid vaccines, mental health, abortion pills, 340B program, Medicare, flu, guns, and more.

Psychologists remain on the forefront of suicide prevention, serving as critical first responders and training nonpsychologists to help meet the need. Governor Youngkin today delivered the State of the Commonwealth address where he shared his vision for a Virginia where the next generation can live out their dreams and live up to the Spirit of Virginia. Governor Youngkin also outlined his Day Two agenda to lower the cost of living with tax relief for small local businesses and families, empower parents, build on last session’s record education investment, accelerate the economy, make communities safer, and make Government work for all Virginians.Wyoming is one of five states piloting a resource for agricultural producers.AgriLife Extension and the Southwest Ag Center collaborated to produce a testimonial video about mental health in the agricultural community.

. What could Montana learn from Wyoming about rural suicide prevention?. September is National Suicide Prevention Month, which spotlights the issues in Connecticut and across the U.S. Although suicide rates in Connecticut are low, there still are ways to prevent those deaths. Andrea Duarte, co-chair of the Connecticut Suicide Advisory Board, said it can be challenging for physicians to spot signs that a person might be considering suicide. Hundreds of officers in Texas have signed up for a new state program that aims to reduce police suicide and self-harm rates by confidentially pairing cops in.

Now available in Connecticut, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wyoming! If you or someone you know is struggling, call or text 833-897-2474 You can also learn how AgriSafe and VIARead More. CECILIA, Ky. (AP) — For fourth-grader Leah Rainey, the school day now begins with what her teacher calls an “emotional check-in.” “It’s great to see you. How are you feeling?” chirps a cheery voice on her laptop screen.Most coastal states have little experience with ocean farms.Which of these consequential and interesting California bills passed by the Legislature will become law? It’s now up to the governor.

More school employees are carrying guns to defend against school shootings. In Ohio, a contentious new law requires no more than 24 hours of training. Health professionals warn of a second pandemic related to mental illness. Chip Gaines will chop his long locks for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as part of new social media fundraising challenge.

‘Grasping at straws’: Farm advocates say more resources needed to combat high suicide rates

Farmers have the highest suicide rate of any occupation, according to the CDC. Looking for life insurance? Get advice and tools to determine how much insurance you need, and which type – term, universal or whole life – is right for you.Dozens of dangerous animals killed after being freed by owner, who police believe later committed suicide.