Brian Walshe was born into a Massachusetts family with “economic means” but his childhood was hardly considered “privileged,” according to more than a dozen character letters sent to a federal judge in September 2021. Brian Walshe allegedly destroyed his late neurologist father’s will that left him “my best wishes but nothing else,” then sold his valuables at an estate sale, prosecutors allege.

Massachusetts police concluded their ground search Saturday for the missing mother of three children, Ana Walshe, after it yielded “negative results.”. William Sequeira was arrested Wednesday afternoon, allegedly caught in the act of robbing the Citizens Bank branch at Berkeley and Boylston Streets in Boston.A mother and her son were recently rushed to a Massachusetts hospital with severe liver damage after they consumed mushrooms that they had foraged for dinner.Officials learned Monday that the missing dog was actually a stranded dog after a neighbor noticed the small dog stuck on a mud island in the middle of Round Pond.

Lowell Judge refuses to drop charges for patient accused of attacking nurse

Politis scored a legal victory Friday when a Lowell District Court Judge refused to drop criminal charges against a patient who nearly killed her on the job last summer.More and more people are bringing back masks as we get deeper into the holiday season. Medical experts say there are definitely more people getting sick in recent weeks and they say people are trying to better protect themselves using what worked during the pandemic.The murder trial of the man accused in the 2019 killing of Amanda Dabrowski is inching toward a December trial.The suspects told police there was an altercation in the house and that a third person is the one who strangled the victim, forced them to duct-tape him, and move him into a freezer.

Leah Allen, the Republican candidate for Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor, spoke with Boston 25 ahead of the upcoming election on Nov. 8.Anthony Amore, GOP candidate for Mass. auditor, speaks with Boston 25. Thirty-six years after Claire Gravel’s body was discovered on the side of Route 128 in Beverly, a 63-year-old man was arraigned in Salem Superior Court, charged with her murder.A South Shore family is shaken after receiving a letter filled with racial slurs at their Quincy apartment complex Wednesday.

Residents of Massachusetts are the happiest people in America, according to a new study.A New Hampshire judge on Tuesday revoked the bail for Kayla Montgomery, the stepmother of Harmony Montgomery.At approximately 4:30 p.m., Lang issued a cease and desist order, requiring union leadership to stop any action condoning or inducing the work stoppage.A months long battle over the remains of a baby who died suddenly in Revere has ended with a ruling intended to satisfy both parents.

Roxbury Man accused of shooting at officer says he was the victim

“There are certain issues with this case, my client, if you read the police report, says that he was the victim, that he was being shot at,” the defense attorney said.The Deputy Director of Security for the Massachusetts Trial Court has stepped down more than a year after she was placed on paid administrative leave.A 4-year-old is in critical condition after falling out of the window of an apartment building in Boston Wednesday afternoon.A scientist recently captured photographs of an extremely rare bird that has never before been seen on Cape Cod.Claims about spiked drinks at bars and clubs in Boston are under the microscope this year, and those who believe they’ve been victimized are sharing similar stories in their quest for answers.Police are searching for the man that broke into a Cambridge family-owned restaurant and stole cash.

Six Rhode Island men are facing shoplifting charges are allegedly stealing electrical wire valued at $31,000 from a West Roxbury Home Depot Friday.On October 28, 2005, 26-year-old John Lima disappeared, presumably from his parents’ home in Middleton, Massachusetts. In seventeen years, no one has seen or heard from John Lima.The purpose of the hearing was to determine if Whitman Selectmen Chair Randy LaMattina should be formally charged for what happened after he was involved in a fender bender in Abington.As another Thanksgiving comes to an end, not everyone got to enjoy it at home with family and friends. Some people were hard at work on this holiday.

A fire tore through a home in Braintree Sunday afternoon, leaving it a total loss.A 9-year-old boy is receiving treatment after his family says he fell on a needle during football practice.“This announcement comes with mixed emotions – we are so proud of the business that we’ve built in the Needham community and are thankful for the terrific customers and the great friendships we’ve made along the way.”. Pop star P!NK on Monday announced a 21-city stadium tour that includes a stop at Boston’s Fenway Park.When the temperature starts inching toward the 60′s – it doesn’t exactly feel like the holidays in New England.A Boston woman is facing charges in connection with a boating crash on a pond in New Hampshire over the summer, authorities announced Monday.