In our exclusive interview with Dustin Poirier, the former UFC interim lightweight champion touches on mental health, and divulges the techniques he uses to keep his mind right.*Screams* I DON’T LIKE IT, I DON’T LIKE IT, I DON’T LIKE IT!. Based on his love of horror one local film director organised the island’s first film festival dedicated to the genre. PAUL LAMBIS meets him Lovers of horror movies would have been starved of much action on the island. Until, that is, horror film director and writer Andreas Avgousti organised the.

Redefining success beyond job titles and jam-packed schedules. High-speed racing doesn’t scare NASCAR drivers. What does? For Chase Briscoe, it’s birds. Yes, birds.Editor’s Note: This story is part of an ongoing weekly series, Our People, which focuses on the community members who make Douglas County unique. If you know somebody who would. The 70-year-old is sharing details regarding her recent hospitalization.

Circa Waves postpone album launch shows after frontman Kieran Shudall is admitted to hospital

They were due to perform later this week. The former football player revealed why his daughter’s battle with a rare stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer left him traumatized.Gizelle Bryant is sharing a “painful” experience during a recent trip to her doctor’s office that completely “caught [her] off guard.”. Lessons from The Light We Carry.

The news of Bryan Kohberger’s arrest came as a complete shock to one former friend who grew up with Kohberger and said they had been close friends through most of high school.As Damar Hamlin continues to recover from a football injury sustained on Monday, a former Oregon high school athlete knows the situation all too well. Musical artists covering themselves is hardly an unknown concept these days, but U2 is still going about it in an unusual way, having recut 40 of the band’s catalog songs for a new album due . .

Elix Skipper discusses his absence from wrestling.Remo Verdickt and Emiel Roothooft speak with Norwegian author Jon Fosse about his novel collection “Septology I-VII.”. It’s easy to forget how fun dating can be — we’re here to remind you!. The sculptors’ new show Hurly-burly takes root in their 40-year friendship.

Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

We discuss predictions for the anime Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Episode 2, and include the release date and where to watch.A rear door of a twin-engine plane popped open during takeoff in Siberia recently. Luggage flew out, but the passengers were okay.  A guy filmed himself and others bundled up and shivering.  The plane returned to the same airport. Teachers, whether novices or veterans, can always learn something new from their students and colleagues.Karen Danudjaja said she was nervous to fundraise at first, but by not overselling her business, she doubled her initial goal and raised $1.8 million.Cavaliers take out Loyola and defending state champion Stephen Decatur, Pizzuto downs Aybar to claim No. 1 ranking in the state at 145lbs. The former Made In Chelsea star, 32, listed some ‘physical’ reasons why she wouldn’t have anymore children, as she suffers from a scarred uterus, lupus and hasn’t had a period for two years.

. Yao treated cancer patients at the Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, where she saved countless lives.Background Women in homelessness face extreme health- and social inequities. It could be postulated that during societal crises, they become even more vulnerable. Thus, the aim was to explore experiences related to the COVID-19 pandemic among women in homelessness. Methods Ten interviews were conducted with women in homelessness, in Stockholm, Sweden, using researcher-driven photo elicitation. The data analysis was guided by the DEPICT model for collaborative data analysis and a qualitative content analysis was performed. A collaborative reference group of women with lived experience of homelessness contributed to the research process through designing the data collection, performing the data analysis, and providing feedback during report writing. Results For women in homelessness, the COVID-19 pandemic was adding insult to injury, as it significantly affected everyday life and permeated most aspects of existence, leading to diminished interactions with others and reduced societal support. Thus, in an already dire situation, the virus amplified health- and social issues to another level. The women strived to find their balance on the shifting sands of guidelines and restrictions due to the pandemic. Adhering to the new social distancing rules and guidelines in line with the rest of society, was simply impossible when experiencing homelessness. However, for some women the pandemic was nothing but a storm in a teacup. The harsh reality continued irrespectively, living one day at a time and prioritizing provision for basic human needs. Conclusions The COVID-19 pandemic and homelessness can be viewed as two intersecting crises. However, the women’s aggregated experiences were greater than the sum of experiencing homelessness and meeting the threat of the virus. Gender, exposure to violence, poverty, social isolation, and substance use were additional factors that further marginalized the women during the pandemic. To rebuild a better and more sustainable post-pandemic future for all, global commitment to ending homelessness is crucial. In addition, addressing social determinants of health must be the number one health intervention.

Dangerous has a specific legal meaning within the criminal justice system.Dionne Warwick is *not* the one to mess with, not even if you were famed rap stars. Colin de Grandhomme scored 22 runs in the space of four balls to help his side to a 20-run win over the Renegades but he was denied doing more by a hamstring injury.The award-winning actor feels lucky to be alive after his health scare. A former Commissioner for Finance in Abia State, Obinna Oriaku has thanked God for saving his life as a Commissioner. A traumatised and terrified family, whose four relatives were gunned down in Qumbu on Thursday, have fled their home, saying they fear the killers could come back and finish what they started.