Plus why you shouldn’t have to force it.According to some psychologists, brain puzzles can also help elite performers, from athletes to scientists, to up their games.These simple therapist-backed tips will help you approach this year with a happier mindset.

What you can do even if you think you don’t have enough time to exercise.Unusual anger is one common mood change after a stroke. These eight tips from therapists can help you support your partner — and yourself.There’s a good chance that the Fed could push the economy into recession. The pain will not be shared equally.MONTREAL (PRWEB) January 10, 2023 — No one knows what 2023 might hold, but don’t ask your friendly neighborhood Chicken Little for an opinion. A study conducted by indicates that what the doom negativists proclaim might not necessarily stem from the state of the outside world but rather, from their own inner troubles.

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. Researchers at UT Health San Antonio are collaborating with other researchers across the country to make headway in treating combat PTSD.Psychological extremism appears when a need becomes overwhelming, leading the individual to forget everything else, to the point of addiction.

Secret pornography use has an impact on marriages, even when not spoken about openly.As humans proliferate on Earth, all other creaturers suffer. One justification for this situation, according to authors of a new book, is the idea that species are real and that one species –— humans — are superior to all others. This attitude makes humans accept destruction of animals and habitats. The authors urge humans to think and act as if we are all one family — animals, plants, fungi and microbes — that must live together or perish together.Describing the implementation process of telemonitoring from stakeholders’ perspectives and identifying facilitators and barriers perceived by the care team.

Thankfully, there are now many online therapy services that work with health insurance providers. Find out which online therapy platforms accept insurance in 2023. A 20-year-old Kalamazoo influencer is killing the game on TikTok by just being himself.Luxebook’s curated edit of fulfilling books to help you start the New Year on the right note. Scroll on for the list!. You won’t need to read between the lines.

. Large data sets provide intriguing—and dismaying—insights into who we’re drawn to and how much that matters for our romantic happiness.The words we use can have a powerful effect on our moods and confidence. Here are some negative phrases to ditch if you want to think more positively, according to behavioral scientists, researchers and psychologists.Studies show that we underestimate how happy and grateful another person feels after we give them a compliment. Happiness expert Stephanie Harrison shares nine simple phrases you can say to uplift and brighten up anyone’s day.Different friends serve different purposes in our lives, and that’s OK.We underestimate just how willing people want to assist others and how positive they feel about doing so.

In a new book, a sleep scientist offers tips for better rest — without reaching for a pill.The renowned love researchers have been happily wed for decades. Would following the advice in their new book improve my own relationship?. Even if you don’t mean to sound narcissistic, the words and phrases you say or use in emails can make you look arrogant and insecure. Here are the phrases to ditch if you want to sound more charming and confident, according to word experts and psychologists.It has gone viral on TikTok, but is it real? We asked experts about the science behind the psychology love eye trick.

. How we love one another varies greatly. Domestic violence facts everyone should know.The 4-7-8 breathing technique can calm your mind and body by relaxing your nervous system and decreasing heart rate and blood pressure, which gets your body in the optimal state for sleep.A survey by the Hinge dating app shows that most people prefer to date someone who goes to therapy. Learn the possible benefits and drawbacks.Those three words are a loaded statement, especially as Valentine’s Day approaches, so Newsweek asked relationship experts whether there are any hard-and-fast rules for saying “I love you.”.