What issues are we still carrying from 2022?. I have an odd love of putting away the dishes in my kitchen. I don’t mind scrubbing down the shower and will pick up a vacuum every once in while, but there’s an extra sense of satisfaction I get while listening to the sound of softly clinking glass while sorting mugs and plates into my organized cabinets. I’m a similar geek for productivity when I’m bartending and knocking out drink orders, prepping for a family gathering in the kitchen, or crossing off small tasks and emails at work. So you can imagine my delight as indie games have been capitalizing. . Chuck and Brenda Pierson have been in Mount Airy this week trying to solve a mystery.

2022 proved to be another solid year for Hip-Hop. Our 2022 Rewind takes a look at the best tv shows of 2022, from comedies to dramas, from debuts to new seasons.His portrait of Obama sparked a nationwide pilgrimage. Now he’s establishing an arts empire of his own.

This Season of Death and Dying

Are we like autumn leaves, psychologically preparing ourselves?. With titles like Everything Everywhere All At Once, Turning Red, and The Whale, filmmakers this year began to reckon with painful parent-child dynamics. Restorative justice: what is it?. In the third episode of this series, experts weigh in on the impact of fraud at the executive level.

Monkey see, monkey do. how similar are we to bonobos?. Is it time to retire?. Our editors sat down with happy part-timers around the world to ask them about their experiences and mine their recommendations for anybody. There were multiple wins across categories this election.

Donald Trump announced his intention to run for President again in 2024.Here’s how complementary and alternative medicine modalities can help patients with a variety of mental health problems.When we take care of ourselves, we can take better care of our patients.

Kevin Porter Jr. in beautiful space as Rockets enter 2022-23 season

“Being in the space I am in now and looking back, it’s a beautiful space to be in,” Kevin Porter Jr. says. “I found joy in everyday life, not just getting on the court.”. What terms are used to describe SGM and LGBTQ+ identities?. These emotional “This Is Us” moments will definitely make you cry. Read at your own risk.Why is it so hard to keep from comparing our lives to the lives of others?. Here’s why educators are walking away from the profession they love.According to German researchers, YouTube and other online platforms could induce a “mass social media-induced illness.”.

Lauren Ludwig will pen the script for the untitled half-hour, with Chris and Paul Weitz on board to exec produce.The TV Beat discusses once and for all who are the emotional terrorists that reign our screens. How can we meme-ify mental health for the benefit of all?. Each day in December, we’ll offer a bit of delight and distraction that shows why this season is worth celebrating.

This major medical organization is making an effort towards changing their culture. Here’s why more of us need to emulate these actions.What do we want from the books we take with us when we travel? They can be a destination, a guide — or the tether that restores us to ourselves.Tackling the ABCs of delirium–a challenging diagnosis. “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you…”. The recent hostage situation at a synagogue in Texas in indicative of a larger underlying problem.