Many people who want to work can’t because of long-term health problems, a persistent issue that is causing Britain’s economy to go “into reverse.”. A new push is being made to attract more health care workers in New Jersey. The labor market appears hot, but the share of people who are either working or actively looking for a job still hasn’t quite recovered.

Each year thousands die because there aren’t enough organs for transplants, and I may be one of them. It’s time to start compensating donors.The central bankers discussed the need to slow rate increases soon at their last meeting, while signaling that they are likely to raise borrowing costs higher.The act of grabbing public attention has been a centerpiece of Kanye West’s art for two decades. Will audiences still tune in if his only outlets are on the fringes?. Darrell E. Brooks was convicted of first-degree intentional homicide after driving his car in a rampage through a parade in Waukesha, Wis., in 2021.

Debate Over Tariffs Reveals Biden’s Difficulties on China Trade

Sixteen months into the Biden presidency, U.S. officials are still divided over what to do about a trade legacy left by President Donald J. Trump.Or is it here to stay?. The “interim report” by a House committee criticized Larry Krasner’s progressive criminal justice policies, but stopped short of calling for his impeachment.How did the translators of “Alindarka’s Children,” by Alhierd Bacharevic, preserve the power dynamics between the book’s original languages?.

Despite some recent high-profile arrests of players, the league said the security protocol for Las Vegas is the same as for any other N.F.L. city.For more than four decades, the Georgia Guidestones near Elberton Ga., have been an enigma. On Wednesday, the authorities said, “unknown individuals” destroyed a large part of the structure.About 10,000 unionized employees walked out, as worker activism rises during nationwide labor shortages.Cristiano Ronaldo’s loyalty, Manchester United’s vision and Barcelona’s complete inability to stop spending explain a lot about the business of modern soccer.

For many cities, the Games make no economic sense. National pride and an enthusiasm for building transportation infrastructure change the equation for Beijing.“Gents, I want to introduce you to the Endurance.” More than a century after sinking in Antarctic waters, the legendary ship was found with just days to spare.“We’ve raised 425 basis points this year.” Now it’s “not so important how fast we go” but “what the ultimate level is,” and “how long we remain restrictive.”. Jim Collier is a straight talking man so when a few months ago he wanted to use the word “nigger” in an article to shock us into accepting that there still are people who believe and use this outrageous word, our editorial staff took collective objection and we did not print it. The editorial staff continues to object.. .

Man Arrested in Shooting of 19-Year-Old Worker at East Harlem Burger King

The employee, Kristal Bayron-Nieves, was killed on Sunday when the store was robbed. The police said on Friday that a 30-year-old man was charged with the murder.The limited supply of new and used vehicles is forcing some Americans to go to great lengths to find and buy them, including traveling to dealers hundreds of miles away.Teens are picking up jobs — and higher wages — as companies scramble to hire. But that trend could have a downside.A year of pandemic restrictions has meant some friends are flush and others foundering.Helped by his personal fortune, the victor in the Virginia governor’s race won over voters who were put off by Trumpism but were not, it turned out, entirely opposed to elevating another Republican.The court, which is hearing major cases on abortion and guns, has revised its procedures to make sure that all justices are heard.

A field guide for working women.The share of Americans in poverty in 2019 declined and median incomes were the highest on record, a Census Bureau report showed.The complaint alleges that Mr. Lindell “exploited” false claims about election fraud to support sales of his own business.The suit by Representative Eric Swalwell accuses Donald J. Trump of inciting the Jan. 6 attack and conspiring to prevent Congress from formalizing President Biden’s victory.

Judy Wang and Nina Nzekwe, winners of our 2020 Summer Reading Contest, show us how to respond to texts both personally and critically.For Wall Street, and the dismal science as a whole, trouble is around every corner even as the economy booms.The proposal includes provisions to raise the corporate tax rate to 28 percent, make it harder for companies to move profits overseas and beef up the Internal Revenue Service.So many shower curtains! But with the endless choice comes the risk of being fooled.The bride is a former professional marathon runner; the groom served in the Army Special Forces as a Green Beret.Hear tracks by Pop Smoke, Jade Bird, Adrian Younge and others.