New research from Archives of Women’s Mental Health examines the psychological effects associated with different pregnancy outcomes. Study author Natsu Sasaki and her colleagues at The University of Tokyo compared four potential outcomes of pregnancy: wanted birth, abortion, adoption, or unwanted birth. Of the four outcomes, unwanted birth and adoption had the highest scores on a measure of psychological distress. The horrors of Romania’s orphanages shocked the world after communism collapsed in 1989, when images emerged of emaciated children living in wretched conditions. Today, some of those adopted by families abroad are returning to Romania for answers and justice.Whether you’ve been married for 12 months or 20 years, it’s important to maintain a level of romantic intimacy with your husband. Dr. Jordan Peterson.

. What came first: harsh parenting techniques or conduct problems in children? This can seem like a chicken and egg problem. A new study published in Child Development finds that there is a reciprocal relationship between parenting style and child behaviors, suggesting that altering parenting behavior could greatly help children with socioemotional difficulties. New research provides additional evidence that political ideology can interfere with logical reasoning. The findings, published in the scientific journal Thinking & Reasoning, shed light on how politically motivated reasoning impacts the ability to correctly evaluate syllogisms. A 2016 study sheds light on the alarming relationship between hormonal birth control and depression. But the findings are only the latest in a long line of battles between women and their doctors over accurate information.