With Sony Pictures Classics’ “The Son,” writer-director Florian Zeller defies expectations about parenthood — and about traditional movie storytelling. He asks big questions, but doesn’t offer easy. In an unusually candid rebuke from one law enforcement agency to another, a new report found officers unnecessarily escalated what started out as a non-threatening call for help.

Influencers and celebrities talking about mental health online is important, but can turn problematic when used as a marketing tool.”With our country’s ongoing mental health and addiction crisis, the consequences of the Wit v UBH reversal are too great to ignore.”. Merriam-Webster’s Word of 2022: gaslighting.It’s Capricorn season. Discover how your sign can reach new heights this month.

ASU researcher and former Sun Devil volleyball player shines light on mental health for athletes

. Recent statistics show that over 214,000 children in this country have lost a parent to the COVID-19 pandemic, an event that “can severely affect a child’s. Stories about the military frequently hold civilians at arm’s length to valorize servicemen and -women through their actions in the line of duty. In 2022, three films not only take audiences inside. Rising suicide rates have forced the Pentagon to review the military’s mental health protocols. But many service members in crisis still fear coming forward and admitting they need help.

Ty Groce has used his platform to address athletes’ mental health. Why is it so hard to keep from comparing our lives to the lives of others?. Youth protesters at the Portland Youth Climate Strike protest earlier this year. (Photo: Taylor Griggs/BikePortland) Youth are playing a major role in Oregon’s climate movement, but the flip side of their admirable passion and activism prowess is a looming mental health crisis. A report releas. The jailed porn star will undergo psychiatric evaluation to determine “competency” after he allegedly failed to recognize his lawyer ahead of a court hearing Thursday.

The jury has awarded almost 1 billion dollars to the Sandy Hook families. What toll did the trial take on their mental health?. Have You Got It Yet? features interviews with Roger Waters, Nick Mason, and David Gilmour. While God can no longer “save the Queen,” we in psychiatry can save the best of what she represented and taught.Here are some comforting words to remind you that you’re not alone.

Pearl Jam Cancels Prague Concert After Eddie Vedder’s Throat ‘Damaged’ From Europe’s Heat Wave

Singer unable to perform “due to the extreme circumstances at the last outdoor site outside of Paris (heat, dust, and smoke from the fires),” band said after canceling previous Vienna s. Try batching your notifications, hiding social media apps, and setting your screen to grayscale. They’re obsessed with masculinity — and this isn’t the first time they’ve gone off the deep end trying to prove how manly they are using questionable medical techniques. The Hawks and local non-profit organization announced a multi-initiative campaign.Jails in Missouri and Illinois clogged with people awaiting transfer to mental facilities. The delays cost patients and taxpayers.As the nation’s fentanyl-driven drug overdose epidemic continues to consume headlines, it is vital we do not dismiss the threat of alcohol, which causes significantly more deaths and, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, is very much a growing concern. April was National Alcohol Awareness Month, the perfect time for people to reflect on their drinking habits. .

The ages-old father son conflict continues—but in a different, modern light.A TikTok conspiracy theory about the Chinese fast-fashion brand has gotten out of control. College mental health: on the decline for at least 8 years.

“Meet the Streets” features people who frequent the soup kitchen and have been helped by. . Megan Thee Stallion, Rina Sawayama, Noah Cyrus, Bad Bunny, and more. Here’s why we need more effective training, practice, and advocacy regarding the social determinants of mental health.The struggles faced by tennis star Naomi Osaka and gymnast Simone Biles speak to a much broader challenge in the workplace.