Peterson, a member of the CPO, was sent a letter requiring him to complete a re-education program.We are making ourselves needlessly obnoxious to our friends. Why?. Even a majority of Democrats agree with the assertion.

. Add the word to your woke vocabulary — it’s part of the revolution against the basic institutions and ideals of Western civilization.Parents and educators are pushing back against the rising tide of wokeism in their children’s schools. But change probably won’t come from within the traditional school system. Here’s what we can do to empower parents sick of woke indoctrination.What’s happening at universities is no less bigoted, poisonous, and backward than the segregation of more than a half century ago.

Neo-Marxing the College Board with AP African American Studies

The College Board is pilot-testing an AP African American Studies course that promotes leftist ideology over its liberal and conservative counterparts.Republicans are rallying behind Eric Schmitt as they try to ensure that Greitens does not become the GOP Senate nominee in Missouri.We now know the Department of Homeland Security has been working behind closed doors for years to abridge free speech.
It appears to have done so with no explicit legal authority. . Companies may seek to dismantle prejudice among their employees – but psychologists question whether these short courses can effect lasting change.

Our woke elites are only too eager to paint parents pushing back at woke excess in our schools as intolerant book-burners. Why not turn the tables?. At last.A politics of racial ‘us’ vs. racial ‘them’ is always playing with fire.After many twists and turns, it’s now down to Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss.

The intolerant, cancel-culture student mobs that now dominate on many campuses didn’t arise out of nothing.Even if Kari Lake wins 99 percent of the remaining ballots, and Katie Hobbs wins just one percent, Hobbs would remain the winner by 186 votes.A new video appears to confirm that patriotic displays are not welcome at Connecticut’s Trinity College.

Woke Classrooms Show Why US Parents Should Be Free to Choose on Schools

The new “culturally responsive” teaching standards passed by Illinois legislators are just the latest example of the accelerating trend toward introducing and elevating critical theory ideology throughout US institutions.We could say that the psychiatrists completed the terroristic act that ISIS started when it bombed the airport in Brussels.The House GOP leader needs to detail his precise demands regarding future aid to Ukraine.The euthanasia agenda is gut-wrenching, morally destructive, and wrong, and it has the potential to seriously impact the emotional well-being of children.Scientists find evidence of brain activity associated with near-death experiences.Like the band it follows, the Creedence documentary is basic and straightforward but powerful in capturing the band at the very height of its creative and commercial success.

On a conversation with George F. Will, about Ukraine, American politics, Johnny Carson, football, baseball, and more.This poll shouldn’t shock anyone who doesn’t live in the progressive bubble, since the education positions set out by Ron DeSantis are widely popular.How, uh, interesting to see (yet again) the intertwining of religious or spiritual beliefs with environmentalism.Steve Moore makes the case against legislation aimed at Google and Apple’s app marketplaces.

. Mandela Barnes has conceded the U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin, and so Ron Johnson begins his third term.White House officials are now complaining about Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to the New York Times’ Tom Friedman.The NHS is hitting the brakes hard on the transgender social contagion — to the point that it has discouraged puberty-blocking and social gender affirmation.Don’t forget about the nefarious schemes and gratuitous suffering that made the World Cup in Qatar possible.With 18 days until Election Day, the Fetterman campaign is still running ads introducing him to voters.