Apple today announced that kickboxing is coming to Apple Fitness+ as a new total-body cardio workout type alongside a brand-new Sleep meditation. Apple announced today that its Fitness+ service is getting a new kickboxing workout type, sleep meditation theme, artist spotlight and more.Apple Fitness+ introduces new ways for users to improve their well-being in the new year, including Kickboxing and a Beyoncé Artist Spotlight.

UPDATEJanuary 5, 2023

Apple Fitness+ unveils new offerings for the new year

Beginning January 9, the service will. | January 6, 2023. Pigeon wants to streamline lending money to loved ones. The company’s app handles the process of giving a loan, sending payment reminders and tracking payments.The latest PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Prescription Apps sees some shakeups.As close as you can get to IRL fitness.

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From fitness trackers to treadmills, we got you covered.Apple Fitness+ is a service that’s designed to help Apple Watch and iPhone owners keep fit through a series of guided workouts that are available. Created by celebrity fitness instructor Jillian Michaels, the app provides a comprehensive workout catalog and valuable tracking features.One of the most innovative fitness apps on the market, WithU provides audio-only workouts that ramp up your focus wherever you’re exercising.

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If you already use a Fitbit fitness tracker and the Fitbit app, you know how valuable they can be on your fitness journey. You can take it one step further [. ]. Ticketing for Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour quite literally broke the internet. The Pixel Watch will retail for $349.99 and has 24-hour battery life.Articles on MacRumors by Hartley Charlton. The iPhone 14 is easier to repair than ever.

A new Apple patent published today reveals the company is exploring a way to put a camera in the Apple Watch.Fancy a phone upgrade? Here are the best offers on the latest iPhone 14. Musk is pushing through changes at Twitter fast!.

Bond is back.New Pokémon, character customizations, Terastal phenomenon, and a look at auto battles.Are you searching for the best free workout apps for your iPhone? Browse our article to learn about the top 10 fitness apps in 2023.Fitness trackers can help you move more, sleep better, and improve your overall health. Here’s how to pick the right one for you, as well as the top fitness wearables we’ve tested.Beloved by Beckham and the ripped surfer set of Bondi beach, Pilates reformer machines are fast finding their way into home gym setups all over. Here’s what to know before you invest. From under-the-water workouts to must-haves for their home gym, our picks for fitness gifts are top-rated, vetted by professionals and sure to get them moving.