For decades, public defenders have been told to “tough it out” in the face of trauma. That’s finally starting to change.Thursday’s roundup covers Medicare Advantage, free covid tests, 2002 U.S. deaths, rising health costs, overdoses, mental health, and more.New year, new rep.

Police twice stopped Bryan Kohberger on a drive home to Pennsylvania prior to his arrest on suspicion of killing four Idaho students, his lawyer said. By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby order as follows: Section 1. . The Constitution guarantees poor defendants a lawyer. It doesn’t say the lawyer will have enough time to actually work their cases.

How To Stop Shootings and Gun Violence in Schools: A Plan to Keep Students Safe

We need meaningful actions to keep our schools safe, actions that address what we know about gun violence in America’s schools.A person can be involuntary committed to an approved mental health facility for 120 hours if it can be shown that they are a clear and present danger to his or herself or others.By Julia O’Donoghue.

WASHINGTON — Early reactions — both pro and con — to President Barack Obama’s move to improve relations with Cuba has been fairly intense.The lawmaker who introduced the “Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act” in January 2014 said then that he couldn’t provide an example of a government in Mississippi frustrating the free practice. For the first time since Hurricane Katrina, the Plaquemines Parish Orange Festival is back at Fort Jackson this weekend, a landmark that has become an icon of the past in.

Ottawa paramedic leader Darryl Wilton says not a day went by in 2022 that didn’t include an overdose-related call. He says that although overdose numbers in the Ottawa area have remained stea.