Are you happy when you’re alone?. What shapes us into the people we are today? The nature versus nurture debate is a huge one in psychology. Although we often think of babies being born into the. More.

A relationship coach explains how to rediscover intimacy with your partner.A large, randomized controlled trial of art education in Houston found that academic gains were unlikely but behavior improved.You may think you know what your dog is feeling, but do you really? Research done in the ASU Department of Psychology suggests that we may not be as successful in guessing our dog’s emotions as we think we are.Listen to Berkeley Talks episode #158: “Emiliana Simon-Thomas on where happiness comes from (revisiting).” [Music: “Silver Lanyard” by Blue Dot Sessions] Intro: This is Berkeley Talks, a Berkeley N.

. A SUPER slimmer from Ellesmere Port has told how she lost plenty of weight and gained plenty of confidence.A good night’s sleep is vital for our health, but our needs change throughout our lives. Experts reveal how to maximise the benefits for everyone.

Open up the conversation with these thought-provoking questions.Born in the middle of the Liberian Civil War, Alphanso Appleton said his childhood was spent on the run, displaced and separated from family. As a young adult, he shared he held his baby girl as she died.To be happier alone, experts say you should try building a deeper relationship with yourself through journaling, exercising, or learning a new skill.The How to Thrive documentary, which screens in cinemas from today, follows seven people as they learn to not only survive, but thrive.

Sharmeen Khan, clinical therapist and Theta Healing practitioner talks to Instep about current mental health and wellbeing trends, and how to make sure you’re taking care of yours. Sometimes we end up alone without wanting to be. What are some ways to make unwanted ‘alone time’ a positive experience?. How To Be Happy: Expert-Approved Ways To Increase Well-Being.

New screening recommendations spotlight America’s silent mental health epidemic: Anxiety

“There’s good anxiety and there’s bad anxiety.”. Audiobooks are a huge part of my life. I listen to books the same way many people listen to podcasts and music. I can go through two or three titles a week. As of this writing, I’ve finished 143 audiobooks in 2022. Here are the ones that I enjoyed the most this year. This is the official BET YouTube Channel. Watch your favorite shows like Rate The Bars, #FindingBET, Cooked In 5, BET Awards Content, and more.Lori Furoyama joined 860 fellow graduates at the fall 2022 commencement ceremony and received her PhD in education.The science and scandal of the diabetes drug allegedly fuelling the size 0 revival.

All of us have some degree of introversion, but some are true introverts through and through. “A Saturday night on my couch watching my Netflix with my cat and my glass of wine … don’t threaten me with a good time.”. Experts at the American Psychological Association’s meeting explain how psychology can change minds about climate crises.

The Psychology Behind The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Near Willamina, Joe Robinson has created a haven for ceramicists working with the wood-fired kiln. “When you stand next to a fire,” he says, “you feel like you belong. Increasingly, anxious and depressed teens are using multiple, powerful psychiatric drugs, many of them untested in adolescents or for use in tandem.Whether you’re single by choice or by circumstance, here are experts’ wisest tips for how to be happy alone and thrive as your best self.