It’s the holidays and for many of us, that means driving. Here’s how to keep your cool on the road this summer.The actor is said to be in a critical but stable condition.Detectives have made a shocking announcement after the bodies of a father and daughter were forensically examined following a shed fire. Find out what happened.

One person has vowed to ‘never dine at KFC again’ after ordering the fast food outlet’s famous Zinger Box.Bikes and booze have been linked for decades, but research shows there’s no such thing as a healthy amount of alcohol.American media personality Paris Hilton recently posted a video with deepfake Tom Cruise.More than 200 people have died on Queensland roads this year, as experts say more drivers are admitting to dangerous driver behaviour such as drink driving.

Uber threatens cancelling drivers as riders return to taxis — but they have their own problems

Uber is threatening to boot drivers with high cancellation rates, with some topping 65 per cent, and from Monday those who knock-back more than a quarter of trips will no longer be eligible for incentives.Read more about The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Updates on renewal possibilities, plotline, cast & release on Devdiscourse. What can we learn from the worst phase of flooding in Australia’s recorded history? We need to properly address some of the mistakes of the past, according to one former emergency chief.These drivers will make you question how they ever got a license in the first place!.

Drivers say it’s not their fault, but customers report an increase in Uber drivers cancelling rides.Exceptionally high diesel prices are being experienced across the globe, but using petrol (or not using a car at all) doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be immune to the impacts.Australian cherry supplies are expected to be tight this Christmas, thanks to wet weather on the east coast delaying and damaging crops — and experts say they could be more expensive too.Justine Clark and her boys were enjoying a cruise holiday in Fiji when they decided to go diving for the afternoon. What followed was anything but relaxing.

Dylan says he still has questions about what happened to him.The 15-year-old girl pleads guilty to a string of charges, with the presiding judge saying the “unrestrained violence” present in the crimes was entirely explained by her upbringing.Read more about Turning Red star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan shares how her character in film is similar to her on Devdiscourse. At first she found competing in beauty pageants around the world empowering. Then Maddy began to notice things that shocked her.

‘I said ‘I’m gonna grab a drink’ . I never saw her again’: The night of the Bali bombings retold

In this oral history, we hear from Australian and Balinese survivors, former and current Australian Federal Police officers, a journalist and a terrorism expert. Together they tell the story of the Bali bombings, the single-largest loss of Australian life from an act of terror.Heavy rain and strong winds cause dangerous flash flooding and rapid river rises in parts of central and southern NSW.A witness to the alleged murder of an Adelaide drug dealer has recalled how she moved Victor Codea to the passenger seat of his car and drove him to hospital.The petrol price cycle means many motorists will be paying more at the bowser on Saturday and Sunday. It’s been described as a cycle with “no rational explanation”.Headlines around the 2018 state election focused on the threat of so-called “African gangs”, and it’s left an enduring mark – on the community it tarnished and the Liberal Party trying to win majority support so it can form government.American musician Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama Luella Barker has provided a health update for her fans, declaring she’s doing just fine after going to the emergency room.

Residents in flood-prone areas of Central Victoria are sandbagging properties with the swollen Campaspe, Avoca and Loddon river catchments expected to be areas of deepest concern.Two children are seriously injured after being hit by a car on Bribie Island, north of Brisbane. The children and a woman, who was also injured, have all been taken to hospital.The ubiquitous iPhone charging cable may soon be unplugged for good. Here’s why.Locals leave as Supercars return to Gold Coast streets.

. The first meeting between the Prime Minister and his Solomon Islands counterpart shows positive signs despite tensions over the China security pact, as Anthony Albanese kicks off his “positive energy” visit to Suva for the Pacific Islands Forum. . As we roll into September, we also find ourselves in peak magpie swooping season. So what is there to do about a bird that can remember what you look like?. The Australian Veterinarian Association, current students and staff at U-Vet Animal Hospital have warned training standards could slip if Melbourne University goes ahead with a proposal to “cease operations” at the Werribee facility.Evacuation orders are issued in parts of New South Wales, dozens of people are rescued from floodwaters, and the SES fields hundreds of calls for help after wild weather hits already flooded parts of the state.Grace Tame did what people in her situation are told to do; she went to the police when confronted with online abuse. But after months passed with no action, she went public.