A new Help Line promises to swiftly connect people with services, the first step in a planned overhaul of the system.Here are a few of the troubling trends that will most likely continue to affect education and healthcare security for the foreseeable future, as well as some links that can help you address these challenges.In June, Dr. Kevin Simon became Boston’s chief behavioral health officer — a role new to the city and possibly unique to Boston. The Globe’s Felice J. Freyer recently caught up with Simon to find out more about his background and goals.

Starting in October, MGB will start bringing together its largest services, shuffling egos at some of the country’s top hospitals.Health systems say they are dealing with record emergency department volume, sicker patients, a compounding mental health crisis, and an ever-beleaguered workforce.Depleted by two years of fighting a global pandemic, some of the state’s largest health systems have had to temporarily close their operating rooms due to staffing issues, exacerbating their financial troubles.A new state program will direct $65 million to help first-time home buyers cover down payments, closing costs, and other expenses.

Who does Dunkin’ think it is to change its own reward program?

The state needs to step in and regulate the coffee giant like it’s a utility.Experts say that the behind-the-scenes details, spelled out in court documents, are a microcosm of the jockeying for power and market share happening on the local and national scale.If Question 2 passes, it could affect not just the insurers that do business here, but also dentists and orthodontists — not to mention anyone with dental insurance.The Kayak founder’s goal is for the Deets app to know so much about people’s preferences that it could give them the best advice for places to visit in a new city.

A survey found that for every 13 clinicians who leave positions at community mental health clinics around Massachusetts, only 10 can be found to replace them. As a result, fewer patients are getting care than before the pandemic, while many more are seeking it.The monotonous nature of a typical office job is the subject of an extremely relatable viral TikTok trend.Municipalities say the Department of Public Utilities is delaying its ability to bring cleaner, more affordable energy to residents.Alsym’s founders say they’ve built a new kind of rechargeable battery that delivers the performance of lithium ion cells at half the cost.

While many biotech stocks have struggled this year amid a broader economic downturn, Vertex Pharmaceuticals has risen 65 percent since its most recent low in October 2021.Pandemic pregnancy is hard enough. America is adding reproductive rights and a formula shortage to the term.Boston City Councilor Tania Fernandes Anderson said it was an honest mistake and that she ended her son’s and sister’s employment as soon as she learned their presence on her staff violated ethics rules.State officials said they intend to begin sending taxpayers their share of a $3 billion refund on Tuesday when the calendar flips to November, kicking off a roughly six-week process of doling out checks and direct deposits to millions of taxpayers.

The group behind the new King memorial on the Common is changing its name to Embrace Boston

The change reflects the shift in the group’s mission as it launches not just a memorial but a cultural center in Roxbury.Natural gas-fired power plants still provide at least half of New England’s electricity, and costs for obtaining gas have skyrocketed this year following Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine and the subsequent natural gas shortage in Europe.The signing of a legalization bill in Rhode Island this week leaves famously libertarian New Hampshire as the sole bastion of pot prohibition in the region.Rele Abiade is leaving her job as Whitehouse’s deputy state director to launch One Rhode Consulting, a mission-driven consulting firm.After more than 40 years in business, the Bramante family announced Monday it would sell its iconic West Newton Cinema property to a local developer while it searches for a new operator for the theater.When in doubt, BYO sweet bread. Yes, you can get chouriço with that. And other lessons learned at the table.

Base editing, a more precise way to change DNA, is being tested in three clinical trials this year. A report found that demand for office space fell in July and remains well below pre-pandemic levels.Secretary of State William F. Galvin fought off his second primary challenge in as many election cycles on Tuesday, besting Tanisha M. Sullivan, the president of the NAACP’s Boston branch, to capture the Democratic nomination and inside track to becoming the longest-serving secretary in Massachusetts history.Taylor Swift’s much anticipated tour includes three shows at Gillette Stadium, May 19-21 — the artist’s only stop in New England. Fans hoping to score tickets to the shows know the drill, and it’s far from easy.

The 56,000-square-foot museum, which opens this weekend, has scientific marvels, a monstrous “mermaid,” and a message for the general public. “We want people to feel that this is their museum,” says director John Durant.It’s rare to find a well-kept secret — never mind one sitting right in plain sight. But here is.The debates will be the first opportunities for the incumbent Democratic governor and his Republican challenger to mix it up head to head.Owners of Raynham Park and Suffolk Downs race tracks are planning brick-and-mortar sports betting facilities.The German company says the space will help it ‘double down’ on partnerships with local universities and biotechs.The Democratic US representative will launch Clementine, a cocktail and tapas bar, across from Trinity Rep sometime next month.