Mindfulness exercises can, in some cases, be as effective as antidepressant drugs when dealing with anxiety disorders, new research reveals.Receive the mental health care you need straight from your laptop. We reviewed the best online psychiatry services so you can get started on healing your mind and body.The Olympic gold medalist shares how therapy helped him learn to accept his depression and anxiety, setting him on the right path to improve his mental health.

Meditation and mindfulness programs are now being used in some schools , from elementary through high school, to help children ease their anxiety. Advocates say it’s the remedy for mental health ills; critics say more scientific research is needed.Many teas contain herbal ingredients that have long been used to help people relax. Here’s the science behind it, along with the best teas to ease anxiety and stress.Meditation as effective as medication in treating anxiety, depression, Hopkins researcher says. Brain fog is a term used to describe a set of symptoms that impact your ability to think. There are many ways to reduce brain fog and improve your concentration.

What is ‘Christmas Creep’ and Why Can It Stress You Out?

This year the ‘Christmas creep’ is happening at many retailers earlier than ever before. Here’s how that may affect your mental health, and what you can do to manage it.Increasing prevalence of mental illnesses/disorders like depression, anxiety, and eating disorders to drive growth of mental wellness market during forecasted period. Fiscal healthcare expenditure with dedicated funds to develop systems focusing on the mental well-being of the population is a positive development for the market. The North American region emerged as the largest market for the global mental wellness market, with a 36.78% share of the market revenue in 2021.Newark, Oct. 03, 2022 (G. Brightside offers the advantages of online therapy and online psychiatry. Here are the pros, cons, and whether it’s right for you.A new report finds that a known carcinogen may be more common in dry shampoo than previously thought.

. Whatever your level of unrest, it can be helpful to try your hand at meditation. Read on for more about Calm and if it’s right for you. Science is showing that meditation is very deserving of its newfound fame.

Mindfulness therapy may be a strong alternative to drugs for preventing depression recurrence.A new report from Apple details how Apple Health data will provide users with actionable insights. With iOS 16 and watchOS 9 coming this fall, Apple Watch and iPhone will offer 17 health and fitness features.James Roesener, 26, is the first openly trans man elected to a state legislature in U.S. history, per the LGBTQ Victory Fund. It says a record number of trans candidates ran in the 2022 midterms.

Nioxin Shampoo for Hair Loss: Does It Really Work?

Thinning hair can be challenging, but there are a number of resources, including Nioxin, that might help.BlueChew and Hims are two men’s health brands that are leading the way to better sex. Healthline reviewed both brands for you in 2022.SCID is a rare condition that can weaken the immune system to children, but treatments are available. Let’s discuss modern options:. Last month rapper Megan Thee Stallion announced the release of her mental health website which provides numerous resources to fans.Actor Jonah Hill joins a growing list of celebrities who have stepped back from the spotlight, citing mental health as their primary concern.

Online counseling for cancer patients can help address mental health concerns, physical ailments, and more. Here are the best online therapy options for cancer patients.Achy backs, headaches, joint pain: These celebrities are among the 50 million Americans who live with some form of chronic pain. Learn more about Serena Williams, Ted Danson, Patrick Stewart, and Travis Barker.Researchers find a lack of current literature on safe, effective ways to manage antidepressant withdrawal.Hero Pill Dispenser Review.

CBD oil can alleviate symptoms of osteoarthritis, anxiety, and seizure disorders in dogs. We’ll review the best CBD oils for dogs and how to use them.In the the third year of the pandemic, chronic stress, isolation and emerging variants are sending rates of depression and anxiety skyrocketing.Mental health apps use mindfulness meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to boost wellness. Learn about their benefits and some top apps here.Here’s what it means psychologically and physically, plus how to enter a flow state.Over the last couple of months, David Mahabali has become highly skilled at lugging pillows, floor pads and blankets around the San Francisco Bay Area. He layers an assortment of them on the plush floors of McMansions in Woodside, spreads them across deep pile rugs in posh San Jose condos, and . If you’re looking for an all-in-one approach to your mental health care, Cerebral offers help at a low cost.