On Jan. 1, Oregon became the first state to allow adult use of psilocybin “magic” mushrooms. Licensed guides will likely determine whether the program is a success.Medical bills, mental health reporting, abortion access, prescription drug costs, drug use, and more will be impacted by state health laws that went into effect on Jan. 1.Today’s early morning highlights from the major news organizations.

Oregon will begin allowing licensed, regulated use of the active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms in 2023.In January, Oregon will be the first state to offer controlled use of magic mushrooms. Veterans forced overseas for psilocybin therapy say they will be among the first in line.In 2023, Colorado and Oregon, the first two states to decriminalize psychedelics via ballot referendums, will be rolling out regulatory frameworks governing the use of psilocybin, the active ingredient in “magic mushrooms,” for therapeutic purposes.A Morgan Stanley investment research team likes psychedelics as the next “big idea,” but nobody told Oregon and Colorado voters how long it’s going to.

. Brazen entrepreneurs in San Francisco, Toronto and Portland have all been reprimanded. Portland still bans retail sales, despite statewide decrim.Shrooms are gaining popularity, but how much should you expect to pay for them? Learn about the cost of shrooms, including what factors impact price.

Psychedelic shops are openly selling mind-altering fungi in a growing number of cities. Is this just the beginning?. Psilocybin, the psychoactive substance in so-called magic mushrooms, is decriminalized in Colorado, thanks to Proposition 122. But it will likely be a few years before Coloradans can access it through state-regulated clinics.California Senate Bill 58 would legalize the use of five psychoactive substances found in fungi and plants.Oregon is preparing to accept its first license applications for psilocybin services. That state offers valuable lessons for Colorado, as it prepares for legal psychedelics.

With a new year comes a host of new laws and regulations in states and cities across the country.Therapeutic psychedelic mushrooms won’t be legal in Oregon until next year, but some students are already working towards the certification that will allow them to facilitate those experiences.Officers with the Portland Police Bureau’s Narcotics and Organized Crime unit executed a search warrant at the shop early on Thursday morning.Decriminalization efforts across various states and the legalization of psilocybin and other psychedelics in two U.S. states have fired up the illicit markets to sell consumable versions of psilocybin.

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Atai Life Sciences announced additional psychedelic clinical data from the Kures Therapeutics Phase 1 trial of KUR-101 in healthy volunteers. Psychedelic Mushrooms May Be Found in a Person’s Backyard. Quebec became the first place to cover psilocybin-assisted therapy under medical insurance last week, another push to legalize psilocybin and other psychedelics for medical benefits.The temporary bar on a Louisville city ordinance protecting an abortion clinic entrance came as the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Cincinnati said the zone infringed protestor’s first. While Oregon legalized the use of psilocybin more than two years ago, roughly a third of the state’s counties and cities are now proposing November 8 ballot measures to ban the psychedelic in their communities.From the couture runway to home kitchens, all things fungus are having a moment.

. Leafly News’ experts had 74% accuracy for weed predictions in 2022. See what’s next for cannabis legalization, weed strains and more in 2023.Colorado joins only Oregon in voting to regulate psilocybin and psilocin, the hallucinogens found in some mushrooms. It would take effect in 2024.Here’s how the psychedelic substance’s legal status has been shifting.

. Fall in the US is the beginning of mushroom season, when damp conditions cause them to proliferate. Learn all about foraging for shrooms. Oregon has been working on rules that outline how to implement the psilocybin measure that passed in 2020. The Oregon Health Authority recently released one set of its final rules for the therapeutic use of psilocybin. And the agency began accepting applications this week for programs to train those who want to provide the service.Thousands of voters in Oregon decided that their jurisdiction should postpone or ban psilocybin treatment centers.Colorado’s Natural Medicine Health Act, which passed by a narrow margin, allows for the use of mushrooms at state-regulated “healing centers” under the supervision of trained facilitators.