Exclusive: Study shows social media a ‘significant risk’ to young people’s view of themselves and can provoke mental health distress. Major policy changes, school scandals and more made the list of Bethesda Beat’s top 15 stories of the year.

2022 was definitely one for the record books, full of notable comings and goings, big ideas-turned-reality, full of hope and joy as well as extreme sadness. Solano’s biggest story of the year. Plus: A year of banning books. What is a ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ class, and how do you choose one? Here’s a breakdown of each class’s particular abilities and specialties to inform your next character.

14 books with Berkeley ties to read in the new year

Hua Hsu’s memoir of his 1990s college friendship, histories on Asian Americans and the most Trumpian period in America before Trump, and more.Have you made your New Year’s plans yet?. This year brought a wake-up call to the Southern Baptist Convention, a war between Russia and Ukraine, the overturning of Roe v. Wade and much more. As we embark on a new year, let’s review some of the more influential moments of 2022.Here are the.

To mark the beginning of a new year, a bunch of creatively restless people coax the optimism of the will over the pessimism of the intellect.The International Holocaust Remembrance Association definition of antisemitism to be enforced in schools, universities and all public bodies paints political anti-Zionism and opposition to the Israeli state’s persecution of the Palestinians as anti-Jewish hatred.Selfies are everywhere, thanks to Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media apps. And they’re contributing to a new form of dysmorphia.Excellences, Colleagues, It is a pleasure to join you today. I thank the Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Office of the Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide for convening us for this timely event. In Our Common Agenda, the Secretary-General notes that “racism, intolerance and discrimination continue to exist in all societies”. They act as a fuel to the wildfire that has become hate speech, spreading and on the rise around the world, amplified on our digital age.

Xenophobia is the fear or hatred of perceived outsiders. It can overlap with racism and may affect immigrants or people from other cultures.You may obsess over your appearance, focusing on “flaws” that aren’t there or not as bad as you perceive them to be. Acceptance of political violence has been rising sharply over the past five years. The damage that this violence itself, and the conspiracies driving it, are causing to U.S. democracy are already substantial and are likely to produce significant democratic decline if not arrested soon.Most of us are subjected to insults, sarcastic comments or bad feedback in our everyday lives. But we weren’t built to deal with torrents of criticism.

Think Your Parents Hate You? Here’s What Might Be Going On

The relationship you have with your parents can be tricky, but what if things are downright hostile? Here’s how to navigate the situation productively.Even before the pandemic, there was an “epidemic of loneliness,” and it was affecting physical health and life expectancy. Kate Clanchy’s memoir about teaching won the Orwell prize. Then, a year later, it became the centre of a storm that would engulf the lives of the author, her critics and dozens of people in the book trade. So what happened?. Our family members know exactly how to push our buttons. These tips can help you handle things when they do.Parenting isn’t easy, and parental burnout can make it even harder to take care of yourself and your kids. Here are some tips.

Oppositional defiant disorder can affect your work, school, and social life. Learn more about symptoms and strategies to help manage ODD.A plurality of experts think sweeping societal change will make life worse for most people. Still, a portion believe things will be better in a ‘tele-everything’ world.Hyperlexia is characterized by high-level reading skills, but other communication delays may be present at the same time. Learn about the signs, diagnosis, and treatment of hyperlexia.Autistic people have unusual responses to ‘affective touch,’ which conveys social and emotional information. Their responses may reveal how autism begins.

Do you have a need to be liked? Or just want to be liked? Here’s more about the difference between the two.Covert, or emotional, incest involves a parent or caregiver depending on a child for support that would typically come from a romantic partner. Learn more here.There are different types of sexism, from hostile and ‘benevolent’ sexism to institutional, interpersonal, and internalized sexism. Learn more here.Some people are simply chattier than others, but if you regularly feel like you’re talking too much, there may be something else going on.Wondering if misophonia (extreme sensitivity to certain sounds) is related to ADHD? The answer’s complicated. We break down what we do and don’t know about the connection between them and introduce other potential connections between misophonia and certain mental health conditions.After he killed two people in Kenosha, opportunists turned his case into a polarizing spectacle.