. In a community center in central London, a young child plays in a makeshift area as her caregiver rocks her stroller and chats to a friend.Feature Editor Maria Cohut, Global News Editor Yasemin Sakay, and Managing Editor James McIntosh reflect on the research highlights of 2022.

RSV, Strep A, the flu: a range of familiar bugs are worrying doctors and parents with strange new patterns. What’s behind the mysterious outbreaks?. Program/Project Management Job in Türkiye about Health, requiring 5-9 years of experience, from RI; closing on 31 Jan 2023. The number of immigrants illegally crossing into the United States this year shattered all records; and remembering the lives of some notable religious figures who died this year. Plus: more answered prayer, and the Thursday morning news.A new survey has found 29 percent of Brits reported being forced to choose between heating their home or paying their rent this winter.

Our increasingly unhealthy economy

Could the challenges facing Scotland’s economy be linked to its creaking health service?. How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted mental health around the world, and what can we do about it? Our Special Feature delves into these issues.Experts say many others are denied help, and ‘relentless’ rise in demand could overwhelm NHS.

We explore what we know about the state of children and young people’s mental health services using openly available administrative and survey data.There are fears of a mental health crisis in the UK. A lot of discussion understandably focuses on the availability of services to treat mental health problems. But there’s a much broader, public health context which is increasingly difficult to ignore. .

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Hospital discharge and community support guidance

. . Find out about selective mutism, a severe anxiety disorder that prevents people from speaking in certain social situations.

. . Vets are no strangers to pressure, but Covid and the huge boom in pets means they have never been busier – or experienced so much stress.

. Find out about social anxiety (social phobia), including the symptoms, getting treatment and what you can do yourself to help overcome it.Read about hoarding disorder, including why it might happen, why it’s a problem and what can be done about it.Gaslighting is a form of abuse when a person questions another person’s behavior and sanity. Learn the signs, how to get proof, and where to find help. .