Whether there are more crises or we’re just more aware of them, a sense of our shared fate is key to surviving them, says professor of organisational behaviour André Spicer. Predictions for creativity in 2023 with honest insight from industry leaders.“Selective spending,” “mindful drinking,” “mood boosting beverages” and “retail re-imagined” are some of the major trends the beverage industry should be getting ready for in 2023, according to.

MatchaKo launched the first ready-to-drink premium matcha drink that is certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and vegan. | “My journey started during the pandemic lockdown, when I started making my own matcha at home, which is a tedious process that involves special tools and expensive tins of matcha,” says Mark Missirlian, founder and CEO of MatchaKo.8th Wonder Tea launched its line of organic sparkling teas at Amazon. | 8th Wonder Tea launched its line of organic sparkling teas at Amazon. Flavors include Sparking Green Tea Tea, Sparking Chai, Sparking Oolong Tea and Sparkling Rooibos Tea, and they contain real fruit juice, superfoods and ancient ingredients.“Permacrisis” is named as Collins Dictionary word of the year for 2022 amid the rising cost of living, pandemic, political turmoil and climate change.If you’re a dedicated fan of Wordle, the Cambridge Dictionary word of the year ‘homer’ may ring a bell.

Frazzlebrain: why are we all so stressed and how can we ease it?

Stress awareness day. Frazzlebrain: why are we all so stressed and how can we learn to manage it? What does frazzlebrain look like? How is frazzlebrain different from burnout?. In order to survive and thrive, author and leading authority on mental toughness, Penny Mallory, said that people need to dig deep to develop the resolve to manage the stress, chaos and pressure.Sisu: how to embrace the Finnish concept of inner strength and determination when the world feels in crisis. How to improve your mental resilience using sisu. Putin’s saber-rattling doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll deploy nukes. But he certainly could.

. She woke me in the night with stomach pains, which I dismissed as gas. Her treatment was great, but we are still waiting for the bill and US healthcare can be cruelly expensive, writes Arwa Mahdawi. Celebrities have reacted by unliking Depp’s social media post, but is public opinion really turning against him, asks Arwa Mahdawi. Instead of rewarding us for our suffering, Jeremy Hunt and Rishi Sunak are offering nothing but more hardship, says Guardian columnist John Harris.

Human rights abuses in Qatar are not inescapable, but it has long been in the interests of the west to sustain them, says David Wearing, a lecturer in international relations. Until Democrats tell it like it is, their electoral majorities will continue to be fragile. When Ben Bravery began studying medicine after surviving bowel cancer he found something missing from the curriculum – patients. The protesters’ cry of ‘woman, life, freedom’ is inspiring, but many people in the US quit listening after the first word.

Elon Musk’s Twitter is fast proving that free speech at all costs is a dangerous fantasy

Reinstating the likes of Donald Trump and Kanye West looks likely to turn the social media site into an extremist ghetto, says Guardian columnist Nesrine Malik. Expect months of self-pity as Republicans inch away from the ex-president and Ron DeSantis gains steam. Being neurodiverse is what makes me me. I want to be represented by people with my lived experience. Are you secure, anxious, or avoidant: songs we play repeatedly can be revealing. So what is it with me and Pulp’s Babies, asks Lauren O’Neill, a culture writer for Vice UK. So many Americans feel bullied by the system today that they’re easy prey for Trumpism.

Does boycotting the tournament turn it into the political football some think it is or is it all just about love of the game?. Princess Mia showed me more about life than my textbooks ever did, says Guardian commissioning editor Rebecca Liu. Failing to properly support women through the menopause is disastrous for the UK economy. That’s why we’re calling for change, says author Kate Muir. I used to laugh at my friends’ frequent toilet breaks. I have a lot more sympathy since I decided to stay properly hydrated, says Adrian Chiles.

Part of the key to collective action may be to overcome the ‘false social reality’ that makes us assume no one else cares about the climate. Never mind the yuck factor: precision fermentation could produce new staple foods, and end our reliance on farming, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot. To Republicans, Pelosi has taken on a kind of mythic malice. But progressives, too, were not enamored of her. The latest polls are a sobering reminder that some women will vote in ways that threaten their bodily autonomy if it helps bolster their status. Editorial: No one likes having to pay more, but hard times and Jeremy Hunt’s autumn statement have put the issue at the centre of politics. Adagio Teas – whose selection spans more than 200 tea blends, including earl grey tea, matcha green | “We introduced the Tea Advent Calendar in 2018 and quickly sold out that year,” says Ashley Van Tatenhove, digital marketing manager at Adagio Teas. “Since then, it has continually proven to be one of our most popular items.”.