Boris started taking antidepressants for the first time in his life at the end of February, shortly after Russian tanks rolled across the border into Ukraine.  The 33-year-old head engineer at a Moscow construction company had overcome a major mental health crisis during the coronavirus pandemic without seeing a doctor or taking any pills — but this time, he found that he was unable to cope on his own.   “As soon as the war started, I realized my family would have to emigrate and that we would face many struggles,” said Boris, who requested anonymity to speak freely.   “If I’d tried to solve everything without taking care of myself, it would have ended badly.”. Sasha, a 26-year-old animal behaviorist from Moscow, had seen a steady improvement in her mental health over the last three years.  Thanks to her passion for her job and rigorous micro-management of her medication, she was able to build a successful blog with a 27,000-strong audience and shake off a depression that plagued her from 2016-2018.  All of that progress was erased on Feb. 24, when Russian tanks rolled over the Ukrainian border.  “In total, I’ve relapsed.A Russian start-up is offering its clients the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to arrange their own fake funeral and go through the experience of being buried alive for 3.5 million rubles ($57,119).  “There is a possibility that after this procedure [the client] will discover new talents, psychic abilities or see success in business,” the start-up’s founder Yekaterina Preobrazhenskaya told the Govorit Moskva radio station.  A self-proclaimed business coach with more than 130,000 Instagram followers, Preobrazhenskaya announced the new venture on Thursday, describing fake funerals as “a true symbol of fighting for yourself and your own happy future.”  According to information obtained by Moskvich Magazine, the offer comes in two packages: the “online funeral” and the “full immersion” funeral.  The first package, which costs 600,000 rubles ($15,635), is advertised as “stress therapy for fears and anxieties” and promises to allow the client to “close chapters” in their lives and undergo “divine healing” and “rising from the ashes.” Those who opt for the “full immersion” package will be able to go through a full funeral carried out according to their religious preferences.

Ukraine’s power shortages, resulting from Russia’s repeated strikes on the country’s energy infrastructure, are becoming more acute as colder weather sets in.A White House official said Russia was using a playbook it established in Crimea eight years ago. The war in Ukraine has also brought Russia and Iran far closer.Like many people around the world, Yekaterina Dolinina woke up on Feb. 24 to a barrage of notifications and messages on her phone. “I couldn’t immediately figure it all out.With an electricity grid heavily damaged by Russian missiles, emergency workers in Kyiv are considering a total blackout that would require the evacuation of three million residents.

Live updates: Russians destroy Chernobyl laboratory

LVIV, Ukraine — Russian military forces have destroyed a new laboratory at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant that among other things works to improve management of radioactive waste, the Ukrainian state agency responsible for the Chernobyl exclusion zone said Tuesday.Questions remained about how far Ukrainian forces could go without being overstretched as Russia’s retreat from the Northeast region prompts a rare public debate back home.President Biden banned U.S. imports of Russian oil, and McDonald’s and Coca-Cola suspended operations in Russia. A humanitarian corridor allowed thousands to escape fighting in one Ukrainian city, but many more nationwide remained trapped in miserable conditions.U.S. lawmakers moved to revoke Russia’s normal trade status and ban its oil and gas, and the E.U. approved a phased-in ban on Russian coal. NATO met to discuss military aid to Ukraine.

Some officials feared that Vladimir V. Putin would use Russia’s upcoming Victory Day holiday, which celebrates the Soviet triumph over Nazi Germany, to mobilize his people for a broader war.Pitched street battles raged in Sievierodonetsk as Russian forces pushed into the city center. Germany promised Ukraine an advanced air-defense system, a day after the U.S. said it would send more powerful artillery.Russia has ramped up war efforts, and President Putin ordered his country’s deterrence forces — including nuclear arms — be placed on high alert. Follow here for live news updates from the ground in Ukraine.Jill Biden, the first lady, met with the wife of President Volodymyr Zelensky, and G7 leaders moved to cut off the purchase of oil from Russia. Officials said a Russian airstrike had hit a school building being used as a shelter.

Local officials said that an effort to bring in relief was underway.The conflict has driven home the risk of relying on Russian gas, particularly for countries that see it as a bridge to renewable energy. The UN says it expects the number of Ukrainian refugees to reach at least four million, while Poland’s PM announced he and his counterparts from the Czech Republic and Slovenia are now in Kyiv. Outside Kyiv, the authorities exhumed bodies in communal graves, as Russian troops appeared to be massing for a new offensive in the country’s east.

The impact of war on older people (in Ukraine and everywhere else)

The war in Ukraine has destroyed everybody’s lives regardless of who they are.President Biden met U.S. troops in Poland, and plans to meet Ukrainian refugees on Saturday, while Russian rockets and missiles struck the battered city of Kharkiv.Vladimir Putin said any nation that imposes a no-fly zone would be considered an enemy combatant. Russian forces are running into problems in their key objective to take Kyiv, but are making significant inroads in southern Ukraine.Even before the energy price shock of 2022, global food insecurity was increasing due to COVID-19 and mounting inflationary pressures. Here’s the current scenario.Highlights, press releases and speeches.

Appeal in English on Ukraine about Agriculture, Camp Coordination and Camp Management, Epidemic and more; published on 8 Aug 2022 by OCHA. Situation Report in English on Ukraine about Camp Coordination and Camp Management, Contributions and more; published on 16 Apr 2022 by OCHA. The Kremlin hopes to annex southern Ukraine’s Kherson region just as it did Crimea, a senior Russian lawmaker said Tuesday.Across Europe, signs of distress are multiplying as Russia’s war in Ukraine drags on. Food banks in Italy are feeding more people. German officials are turning down the air conditioning.

The International Cat Federation (FIFE) has banned Russian cats from its shows over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the news website reported Wednesday.  The Federation put up a statement on its website announcing that it has sanctioned all cat owners residing in Russia from exhibiting their felines at FIFE shows outside of the country.  “The FIFE Executive Board is shocked and horrified that the army of the Russian Federation invaded the Republic of Ukraine and started a war,” the organization wrote in its statement.  “We can all witness the destruction and chaos caused by this unprecedented act of aggression.” “On top of that our Ukrainian fellow feline fanciers are desperately trying to take care of their cats and other animals in these trying circumstances.”. Students in Siberia have opened a 50-year-old time capsule containing a wish for peace and international friendship from their Soviet peers, local media reported Thursday.Russia enters Kyiv, says over 70 military targets in Ukraine destroyed. Republican Senator for Florida Marco Rubio yesterday said that it was ‘pretty obvious’ that ‘something is off’ with Russian President Vladimir Putin following his invasion of Ukraine.A Russian beverage maker has unveiled a new range of soft drinks to replace the iconic brands that have left the Russian market in the wake of its invasion of Ukraine.Before the war, it was called “Moscow Avenue.”.