Online advertising has drawn thousands of people to telehealth companies for treatment of ADHD, anxiety and other conditions. Some employees and patients say these marketing practices have contributed to the abuse of controlled substances.If we blame each other, we’re looking the wrong way.The online mental health company surged to a $4.8 billion valuation after it started dispensing ADHD medication, but staffers grew concerned that it was pushing the drugs too aggressively.

Reels faces formidable competition from the leading short-video platform. Instagram users spend 17.6 million hours a day watching Reels, while TikTok users spend 197.8 million hours a day on that platform.The chain says automated drug-filling centers cut pharmacist workloads by 25% and ease pressure on understaffed stores.Former U.S. staffers tell of sleep deprivation, work on weekends and mandatory meetings with colleagues on the other side of the globe. “I never would have taken the job.”. Robots are spreading at a record pace, from their traditional strongholds like making automobiles into nearly every other human endeavor.

Consumers Have Powered Through the Pandemic and Inflation—Until Now

Recent government data show that household spending is increasingly strained and some companies are bracing for an economic downturn.A new 988 number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline that goes into service on July 16 relies on call centers that are already overstretched. The maker of doors and windows is spending $30 million hoping to get people to move to its headquarters; ‘We just didn’t have the amenities’.

Amid one of the worst stretches for financial performance in Amazon’s history, the new CEO is working to cut back the excesses of an e-commerce operation the company expanded at breakneck pace during much of the Covid-19 pandemic.Some sold in January 2020 when the government began mobilizing against the threat. Others bought shares as a market-rescue plan was taking shape.Instead of cringing or quitting, why not embrace the stuff you’ve always wanted to do, even if you’re mediocre?. Cocaine, long popular among New York professionals, is now often tainted with fentanyl, catching users unprepared and driving drug fatalities. In New York City, 81% of cocaine deaths in 2020 involved fentanyl.

Edwards (81632) has some of the area’s priciest real estate—even pricier than Vail.With the boom in renewable energy, many of the credits that trade hands merely represent a transfer of money from one profitable enterprise to another, critics say.The founder of the crypto exchange, until recently seen as a steady hand in the Wild West of digital assets, is now under investigation and his company filed for bankruptcy. His downfall casts a shadow on efforts to make crypto a legitimate part of the financial world.The mastermind behind Apple’s most iconic products reveals how his design philosophy guides collaborations at his creative collective, LoveFrom.

This Powerful BlackRock Team Has the Ear of Governments and Megabanks

The firm’s financial markets advisory team dispenses counsel to the Fed, the Vatican and Ukraine’s president, among others.At their worst, social platforms are ideological echo chambers where falsehoods can’t be set straight. To fossil fuel interests, that sounds perfect.Anna Weyant, a new art star whose work evokes a millennial Botticelli, was discovered on Instagram. She’s also dating her dealer, Larry Gagosian.With attention-getting designs and strong sales, Anthony Vaccarello of Saint Laurent has brought his signature vision to the storied French house. The People’s Liberation Army is emerging as a true competitor to the U.S. amid heightened tensions with Taiwan. The challenge for Xi Jinping is preparing troops to fight.Audiences first fell in love with Rudolph on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Two decades later, the writer, producer and Emmy-winning actor continues to bring her signature sense of humor to television, film and beyond.

Meet the self-taught suitmaker putting players from Jimmy Garoppolo to Dak Prescott into truly distinct suits—down to no-one-else-has-it fabric.Soon after taking the top job in 2020, Bob Chapek was at odds with Bob Iger, who remained as executive chairman, and Chapek complained to deputies he had been undermined from the start.Electric-grid operators are warning that power-generating capacity is struggling to keep up with demand, a gap that could lead to rolling blackouts during heat waves or other peak periods as soon as this year.China installed almost as many robots in its factories last year as the rest of the world, accelerating a rush to automate and consolidate its manufacturing dominance.

In a throwaway world, these heirloom-quality presents are designed to be keepers.Byron Allen adds the blufftop property to his growing portfolio of trophy homes across the country. Businesses are passing their rising costs on to consumers with new fees, truncated services and reduced contents in packaged goods, which don’t always show up in inflation data; “shrinkflation” hits a block of cheese.The star of ‘Armageddon Time’ on her style evolution, the gift she gave Jared Leto and why she wants to dine with Mary Magdalene.The Transportation Department’s new dashboard shows what amenities major carriers will provide after a delay or cancellation.