The results of the 2022 Minnesota student survey reveal children across the state are experiencing unprecedented long-term mental health issues.Thursday’s roundup covers American life span, the omnibus bill, the tripledemic, boosters, dangerous cold, birth control, dementia, and more.Police often lead mental health crisis response, but communities in Oklahoma and nationwide are seeking other solutions.

Tuesday’s roundup covers covid vaccines, Medicare Advantage plans, diabetes, misinformation, opioids, abortion law, screen time, and more.With research showing formerly incarcerated people almost 10 times more likely to experience homelessness than the general public, Alameda County has become the first in the country to ban landlords from doing criminal background checks for potential tenants.Most of us know what to expect, as the days grow shorter and the nights long. It happens every year. For many, the absence of light brings with it a heightened experience of anxiety or depression, especially during the holiday season. A survey conducted by NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, found that 64% of respondents stated that they […].

Jail officials across Pa. sound alarm as mental health crisis puts people at risk, survey finds

A statewide survey of county jails by Spotlight PA and the Pittsburgh Institute for Nonprofit Journalism revealed many facilities openly admit they are not equipped for the growing mental health crisis.A new survey from the University of Minnesota shows that both students and educators believe mental health is a top concern.The majority of respondents don’t want to go to the “LGBTQ Senior Center.” They want to go to the senior center down the street, where they are near their neighbors and friends.

Police have become the de facto mental health responders across the country, often with tragic results. Most strategies to deal with mental health calls focus on shifting funds to social services, creating diversion programs and better training for officers. Experts say the solution relies on a combination of efforts.The state Supreme Court closed a loophole that kept people who would never be competent for trial on criminal charges in jail or prison indefinitely.In February, the National Education Association released a survey indicating 55% of its members would leave education sooner than planned. The survey received massive — and largely uncritical — national media coverage. Since then, union affiliates across the country have conducted similar surveys of members in their states, reaching similar conclusions and garnering similar coverage.. . Today’s early morning highlights from the major news organizations.

More students have sought counseling services, especially remote therapy, following the COVID-19 pandemic.Researchers said the incomplete data were due to confusion over traffic stops that resulted in only a verbal warning, and that troopers have received updated instructions.Mental health advocates implored Minnesota lawmakers to increase funding for mental health staff and services in schools.Advocates are hopeful the three-digit mental health crisis number, 988, will make it easier for people to reach out for help starting July 16. But some worry about states where crisis call centers already struggle to keep up with demand.

Many Americans Know Little About Updated COVID Boosters

This is our weekly briefing on the pandemic, vetted by John Bailey. See the full archive. This Week’s Top Story Awareness of Boosters ‘Relatively Modest’ The latest Kaiser Family Foundation COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor survey finds awareness of the updated boosters is relatively modest, with about half of adults saying they’ve heard “a lot” (17%) or. . Indiana’s education leaders are revamping the state’s academic standards by cutting back current requirements and streamlining the content that teachers are required to cover in a school year. Determining what’s most important for Indiana students to learn is no easy task, however, as indicated by members of the Indiana State Board of Education during a. . Friday’s roundup covers Ebola, marijuana, vaping, covid cases, abortion, drugs costs, OTC hearing aids, and more. Plus, your weekend reads.Thursday’s roundup covers Medicaid, abortion, medical debt, covid deaths, boosters, radiation, health records, air pollution, and more.Duluth is at the forefront of a national trend to move preschool from the classroom to the outdoors. A dozen nature based play schools have opened in the Duluth area in the past decade. There’s even a new major at the University of Minnesota Duluth in Childhood Nature Studies, the first program of its kind nationwide.

The pandemic’s mental health toll on teachers, principals, and school staff demands redoubled attention to resources and support.Hundreds of Bridges MN clients are in limbo while provider appeals state enforcement action. For years, many cities have sent mental health professionals to calls that previously were handled by police officers. But crisis response teams have been slower to catch on in rural areas.

Young people in Montana were twice as likely to die by suicide than in the rest of the country during the past decade, according to state statistics. And despite increased attention by schools, mental health resources remain inadequate to the scale of the need, and Montana’s youth suicide numbers remain stubbornly persistent.The newly enacted Bipartisan Safer Communities Act can help schools and districts create safer learning environments without resorting to implementing measures that harden schools.State Police resumed collecting traffic stop data in 2021 after a Spotlight PA investigation found the department stopped tracking the information a decade ago.This new report ranks each state from best to worst for the mental health of Americans.Friday’s roundup covers veteran deaths, covid cases, boosters, MPX, suicide, Ebola, election propositions, human composting, and more.