Psychiatrist discusses mental health struggles around the holidays. The holiday season can often bring stress, anxiety and depression. Experts offer their advice on how to deal with that and when to get help.Daily Newsmagazine and City Guide to Pasadena, California featuring local news, breaking news, events, weather, sports news, schools news, shopping, restaurants and more from Pasadena Now.

Residents in rural Saskatchewan who call 911during a mental health crisis, and RCMP officers trying to defuse a potentially deadly confrontation will now be able to receive advice from a psychiatric nurse, the Mounties say.Academia has been facing a mental health crisis particularly affecting early career researchers (ECRs). Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic posed an unprecedented burden on the mental health of many individuals. Therefore, we cross-sectionally investigated how doctoral researchers (N = 222) evaluate their mental health status and satisfaction with their PhD training before and during the pandemic. As compared to self-reported, retrospective evaluations about the pre-pandemic state, we found decreased satisfaction with PhD training and overall well-being. The whole sample exhibited high levels of personal and work-related burnout, a fifth indicated clinically meaningful levels of depressive symptoms and almost 25% experienced severe loneliness. When exploring predictors of depression, anxiety, and burnout, we identified low satisfaction with PhD training as the most prominent predictor for poor mental health, suggesting a link between the doctoral work and their mental health status. Females vs. males and doctoral researchers in individual doctorate vs. structured PhD programs reported higher symptoms of burnout. Our study replicates previous findings of poor mental health in doctoral researchers and indicates further decreases of mental wellbeing under the influence of the pandemic. Systematic adjustments in academia are required to improve the mental health of ECRs.Even when financial strain, family tension and overscheduling make it challenging.Chris Hilton has outlined the signs to look out for, to tell when everyday bickering turns into something darker.

Processing Loss, Routine Self-Care and More Ways to Tend to Mental Health During the Holiday Season

Neuropsychologist and author Dr. Judy Ho talked to E! News about how you can check in with yourself and your loved ones during this inevitably stressful time of year.New research suggests that people who feel appreciated by their partners are more resilient during stressful times and are less likely to engage in ineffective arguments.Holidays can be a challenging time for many reasons — such as fielding awkward questions around reproduction.These easy fitness strategies will help keep your spirits up.

“It helped me a lot. We all need a village,” the actor said of starting therapy recently. Melding traditions and splitting your time between families can often lead to more dread than jolly. Here’s how to prepare for some of the common pitfalls of the holidays.The more time we spend planning festivities, the worse we may feel. Xbox is partnering with Calm to add sounds from ‘Sea of Thieves’ and ‘Halo Infinite’ to the meditation app. Here are all of Xbox’s new mental health programs.

Exhaustion can arise from both physical over-exertion, prolonged stress, or mental fatigue. Here’s how to spot it — and recover from it.If you’ve felt anxious or depressed, or you’ve been fixating on worst-case scenarios, it might not be a bad time to try a meditation app. Here is a list of our absolute favorites. .

. NEW ORLEANS — A touched CJ McCollum stood quietly taking in the memorable moment. Teenagers from the Boys & Girls Club screamed in delight as they opened th. Portland Street Response is set to begin 24/7 operations across the city early next year. It’s the next step for a program that has come a long way in a short amount of time, growing from a grassroots campaign to Portland’s first new emergency responder branch in nearly 150 years.Parenting advice on absentee parents, functional alcoholics, and trouble finding a “village.”. While social media can help people feel less alone, using it to evaluate symptoms has several downsides.

All you need is one person taking small steps to create generational change and generational healing.Readers discuss recovered memories of abuse, community-based care, politics and more.Employers are saying they’re more open than ever to helping employees with mental-health issues. But are workers happier speaking up?. Shorter and darker days can trigger seasonal depression among people with bipolar disorder, who have an increased risk for this condition.

They’re all therapists, but their education and training looks a little different. Here’s what you should know before you decide who to see. . A psychiatrist discusses mental health and mass shootings. (From 2018). Guest speaker, Steve Strakowski, M.D., presented “Redesigning Mental Health Care in Texas and Translating to Indiana.”.      .