Americans’ positive self-assessments of their mental health are at their lowest point in more than two decades of Gallup polling.Story at a glance That total is 20 percentage points lower than a record number of Americans who said the same in 2004. However, over the past couple of decades more Americans sought mental health . Millions of Americans report having a mental health diagnosis, meaning the U.S. has some of the highest rates of mental health issues in the world.

About 60% of all Americans say the holidays negatively impact their mental health. Here’s how to help students who are struggling at home cope during the break. . A new study found that eating walnuts improves mental health, stress, and sleep in university students.

. This issue brief focuses on the access and coverage of mental health services using data from the 2022 KFF Women’s Health Survey.Florida falls short on mental health providers, and needs to address housing and drug deaths, according to America’s Health Rankings for 2022. With a few simple strategies to support physical fitness, employers can help their workforce make important progress in boosting and maintaining good mental health, reducing burnout, and improving employee satisfaction and retention.

The G20 countries are looking for guidance from the One Health Quadripartite in operationalizing One Health (OH) approaches. December 23, 2022 As we get ready to welcome the year 2023, many of us will make a common and popular New Year’s resolution to shed some pounds and become more fit to achieve better health. However. Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Online apps, low-cost clinics and support groups are more affordable and accessible.

In this episode of the AMA STEPS Forward® podcast, learn how one physician helped create a mental health counseling program for physicians and APPs at their hospital.WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congress today approved a $1.7 trillion spending bill that will fund the federal government through September and provide millions of dollars in direct funding to help address Denver’s homelessness crisis. .

HHS Proposes Rule to Strengthen Beneficiary Protections, Improve Access to Behavioral Health Care, and Promote Equity for Millions of Americans with Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D

Proposed rule also implements provision of President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act to lower prescription drug costs for low-income people with Medicare. Today’s early morning highlights from the major news organizations. Note to readers: KHN’s First Edition will not be published Dec. 26 through Jan. 2. Look for it again in your inbox on. Every December at The 74, we take a moment to recap and spotlight our most read, shared and debated education articles of the year. Looking back now at our time capsules from December 2020 and December 2021, one can chart the rolling impact of the pandemic on America’s students, families and school communities. Two years. . Coming back from a break can feel like the Sunday scaries on steroids. Experts offer tools to keep your dread at bay.Understanding why people quit treatment is key to improving it, especially for minors seeking to transition, experts say. Researchers rarely touch the subject.

Rise in long-term mental health concerns among teenagers a “crisis,” says state health commissioner.Most older US adults have concerns about emergency department visit affordability. Lower income, being uninsured, poor or fair physical/mental health, and younger age were associated with increased concerns.A recently released report from the Michigan Association of United Ways (MAUW) and its research partner, United For ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed)  veterans’ needs outstrip available resources, especially those struggling financi. On Point listeners tell us of their efforts and struggles to maintain friendships.

Insomnia is a $5 billion market, largely from spending on pills and sleep aids, but one ex-doctor is pursuing a radically different approach to sleep struggles.A series published by The Lancet outlines the ways in which racism in healthcare is a public health threat. COVID-19 recently revealed the extent to which racism can impact healthcare.The Official U.S. Senate website of Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland. Many people with ALS also have depression, and it can interfere with the progression of ALS.The AMA Update covers a range of health care topics affecting the lives of physicians and patients. Learn more about the AMA’s achievements in 2022 and what to look forward to in 2023.