Understanding why people quit treatment is key to improving it, especially for minors seeking to transition, experts say. Researchers rarely touch the subject.TORONTO — For years, Dr Kinnon MacKinnon, like many people in the transgender community, considered the word “regret” to be taboo.“I can’t think of any other examples where you’re not allowed to speak about your own healthcare experiences if you didn’t have a good outcome,” MacKinnon told Reuters. The stories he heard convinced him that doctors need to provide detransitioners the same supportive care they give to young people to transition, and that they need to inform their patients, especially minors, that detransitioning can occur because gender identity may change.

The New York Times published a misleading article expressing concern about puberty blockers for transgender youth that ignored critical evidence and context.The other night, I was at dinner with friends: brilliant, talented people who love to converse about a wide range of topics. But every time I brought up gender issues, the table got quiet. They loo. Tavistock Center’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), the United Kingdom’s first and largest gender clinic for children, is . Jesse Singal joins to discuss the fraught discourse on trans treatment. The group then turns to Ron De Santis’s possible big blunder embracing anti-vaxers and a great scientific breakthrough (and its detractors). Highlights/lowlights:   Mona: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/article/helping-trans-kids-means-admitting-what-we-dont-know.html Damon: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/12/15/us/politics/trump-nft-trading-cards-superhero.html Bill: McCarthy taps Mike Gallagher to chair planned China Select Committee Linda: https://www.slowboring.com/p/cryptocurrency-is-the-segway-of-finance Learn more about your. .

. The national debate over transgender medical treatment for minors has raged with white-hot intensity in rallies, online rants, . Volume 78, no. 12 “Orwellian” is an apt term to describe the total surveillance in our world. But the radical transformation from traditional culture and morality (“Victorianism”) to modernism began decades before Orwell. The starkest. .

More teenagers than ever are seeking transitions, but the medical community that treats them is deeply divided about why — and what to do to help them.Desperate for answers, parents are turning to the experts: the doctors, psychologists, and professional organizations devoted to diagnosing and treating gender dysphoria.The new WPATH standards of care for transgender health have sparked controversy and intensified debates around gender-affirming care for trans children and adolescents.John Oliver badly botches the “gender-affirming care” debate.

After a backlash in Europe, experts warn that “gender-affirming care” for transgender kids in the US will backfire, too.A new study found that transgender individuals who stop medical transitions avoid therapists and doctors, fearing stigma.Two men and one woman who formerly identified as transgender support Arkansas’ SAFE Act to protect kids from medical interventions.In science the things that have a tiny probability of happening are the things which make for the best headlines.  News reporters cover crashes, not safe landings or auto races where nothing goes wrong.  Transgender care for youth is like this.  Reuters and other media know that the trainwreck will get ratings.

‘Gender Identity’ Policies Stop Therapists From Asking Important Questions

Policies and legislation that demand clinicians—and broader society—never ask why young patients wish to “change sex” risks harming the very population they seek to protect.Class action lawyers are sharks. But sharks play an important role in the ecosystem. They devour the rotting carcasses of whales, whose bones drift to the murky depths of the ocean floor. So the news that class action lawyers in Australia and Britain are taking on the transgender establishment gives hope that “detransitioners” – teenagers. . Small studies suggest that breast removal surgery improves transgender teenagers’ well-being, but data is sparse. Some state leaders oppose such procedures for minors.Matt Walsh’s documentary asks What Is a Woman? His documentary is just as much of a propaganda film disguised as a documentary as any antivax film.Young people who have detransitioned say the medical establishment has failed them on numerous occasions.The Florida Board of Medicine has voted to ban ‘gender affirming care’ for transgender teenagers in the state.

Cat Cattinson doesn’t believe in transgender ideology even though she identified as a “trans man” for more than . A row has broken out between the American Academy of Pediatrics and some of its members over what the latter see as the organization’s refusal to discuss its 2018 policy statement on care for gender-diverse minors.The White House is claiming that the debate about childhood gender medicine is settled—even as numerous international experts are coming forward to say it‘s not.Gender-dysphoria experts in the Netherlands — where youth gender transitions were first pioneered — said that more research is necessary.

Shape Shifter, 32, was born male, transitioned to female but then reverted back. The surgeries have left him without a penis and without a working vagina also.New rules from the Biden administration will worsen gender-related distress in children.Trans activists face discrimination, many see themselves in a life-or-death rights struggle. By rejecting that lifestyle and decrying puberty blockers, de-transitioners undermine their narrative.As she coddles her infant son at her home in the Chicago suburbs, newlywed Daisy Strongin says she . Depending on interpretation, the latest version of the WPATH standards of care (SOC) 8 for transgender youth could be seen to have abandoned age limits on treatment or to have watered them down.Some experts at the disgraced Tavistock clinic are still pushing their dangerous ‘affirmative’ approach.