In his recent special Rat Paradise, Aussie comedian Jack Druce twists the destigmatization of mental illness in surprising ways.In Little Big Boy, Kroll excels when he leans into the juvenile.In his new special, Aaron Chen realizes Norm Macdonald’s vision of the “perfect joke.”.

The choose-your-own-adventure stand-up special serves up two versions of each joke and makes you question what to believe.24 comics who industry insiders predict will be tomorrow’s superstars.And the stand-up makes quite an imprint in the trailer.“It’s almost like a hesi move in basketball. Like, how can I get my jump shot wide open?”.

Martin Short Tells 21 Funny, Good Jokes on ‘The Tonight Show’

Further proving he is the greatest talk-show guest of all time.From puns to chickens crossing the road to giving Willie Nelson a blowjob.Nothing Special is caught between what it had to be and what it could’ve been.Exploring the very heated debate around stand-up’s latest social-media trend.

In Live at Red Rocks, the stand-up has mastered the art of his act. There are also hints that he’s ready to master a new one.Emily Catalano’s recent stand-up set surprises the audience with reveals that seem obvious in hindsight.The year’s best releases had some urgency behind their existence: capturing this thing at this moment.Robbie Praw explains his approach to buying stand-up specials for the streamer.

I Wish You Would heads to the streamer right before Thanksgiving — and Noah’s Daily Show departure.“I’m trying to connect audiences with their humanity. I’m trying to convince audiences to see me as a worthy whole human being just like they are.”. Berlant, Byron Bowers, and FX are all getting into the comedy-special game.The stand-up, who died recently at age 32, had a unique superpower.

This Weed Joke Is As Potent As Today’s Weed

Comedian Ralph Barbosa’s Don’t Tell Comedy set sneaks material about guns and taxes into clever jokes about weed.The comedian talks about walking his audiences right up to the line of political incorrectness — and then laughing at the people who step over it.Speakeasy is a gorgeous special stuffed with Asian iconography. But does Chieng actually have anything to say?. The late comedian held himself to a higher standard onstage.Caramel is the new crypto in their special, Would It Kill You to Laugh?. The former SNL writer discusses performing stand-up on- and offline.

Saturday Night Schumer? Or Inside Amy Live?. In his Broadway show The Old Man and the Pool, the comedian dives into the anxieties of aging.The Netflix series feels way too timid — except for all the poop jokes.The stand-up is back with a 40-minute release titled What’s in a Name?.

“I’m having an existential crisis from being unemployed.”. The new season reflects the comedian’s intense anxieties about Now — sometimes too directly.“Just get to the subject, make the point, and move on.”. Some jokes survive a translation. Others become “surprise eggs.”. The comedian signed a new deal for a third stand-up special and a multi-comic showcase with the streamer.Mo collaborators Mo Amer and Ramy Youssef parse their shared creative language.