Dec. 20—ORWIGSBURG — A former Schuylkill County man with a master’s degree in social work was jailed Tuesday after being charged with sexually assaulting a child. Schuylkill Haven police Patrolman Tyler Fleming and Schuylkill County Detective Thomas Robin charged Larry A. Schew, 39, of 3940 Eagle Circle, Slatington, Lehigh County. The charges stem from incidents in Schuylkill Haven between .

The criminal punishment system targets poor children and children of color for the harshest treatment without addressing the root causes of crime.

. A 20-year-old electrician has been arrested for inappropriately touching four schoolgirls in a Mumbai school, police said. The incident was brought to light by one of the girls who told their teacher after he molested them on the pretext of putting collar microphones as they were getting ready for their performances for the school’s annual day function. Read on to know how to protect your child from sexual abuse.

. On Friday, Richard Troy Gillmore, 63, will walk out of Portland’s Columbia River Correctional Institution after 36 years in custody to transitional housing in the city’s Old Town District. That morning, Edens and supporters plan to walk Old Town’s streets, passing out fliers bearing Gillmore’s latest prison photo to alert people living, working and sleeping in the neighborhood. Dr. Cora Breuner said children under 18 don’t have the ‘agency’ to decide to get a tattoo after Crystal Thomas (right) was arrested for letting her ten-year-old get inked.

How Victor Salva’s sex crimes caused a ‘Jeepers Creepers’ boycott

This horror director is the real monster.The public is learning more details about the terrifying moments that led up to a Palm Beach County deputy shooting a man accused of holding a social worker hostage and raping her multiple times.The abuse started when the victim was 12 years old and lasted for three years.Robert Neal Batie, the former Palm Coast therapist, concedes that he molested a 16-year-old patient in his office, but his attorney tried unsuccessfully to dismiss a charge that he had custodial authority over the patient. A sex assault with that authority carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.

A social worker who had visited the home of a client several times ends up being held hostage, beaten and raped by the 20-year-old man according to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.Morning 4 is a quick roundup of stories we think you should know about to start your day.SINGAPORE — Over a span of 16 years, a man sexually preyed upon children with learning or physical disabilities by posing as a qualified educational therapist to gain their parents’ trust.

Newsy spoke with two people who lost decades of their life because of crimes they didn’t commit and how they cope with all that stolen time.The South Dakota Republican spin blog’s first reaction to the news that Republican District 26 Senate candidate Joel Koskan is facing charges of child sex abuse was, “There are no words. .

. Repeated abuses, overlooked complaints and a surge in suicide attempts at a detention center with powerful allies.Former therapist David Lee Hamblin, 68, was said to be “a threat to the children and citizens of Utah County” in court documents that also request he be held without bail for “egregious crimes against a child.”. Neosho County prosecutor Linus Thuston is under criminal investigation by state authorities, was admonished earlier this year by an attorney disciplinary panel, and has been criticized by local officials for his use of diversion agreements.A suspended mental health therapist wants seven separate juries to hear evidence from 10 former patients who claim they were victims of sexual assaults, harassed, groped or subjected to other inappropriate behavior during counseling sessions over the last decade. Gregory P. Miscik, 60, of Latrobe was first charged in November. Katie Wee, now 33 and working as an actress, talks openly for the first time about the.

”He would come over to me to exorcize the demon,” alleges the former patient. “He’d cover my mouth and nose until I felt like I couldn’t breathe.”. Shawna Rogers died at 17, after years of abuse, violence and exploitation. The compounding cost of failures — from law enforcement and rehabilitators as well as family — finally proved fatal. In the end, she was blind to those who wanted to help her as they had been blind to her needs for years. Her life stands as a haunting example of how far Texas still has to go to help victims like her. The 10 men have all been jailed this year for the sickening rapes of women and children.

. Failure-to-protect laws are incarcerating women all over the country—for other people’s violence.It’s the feminist capital of the world. So why isn’t it letting women tell their stories?. Marceline Harvey is accused of dismembering a woman in Brooklyn. Her life was defined by a tormented relationship with women and herself — and a simmering anger.Gabriel Smith was charged Tuesday with rape and three counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child.