The Buffalo News interviewed several patients in recent weeks who painted a stark portrait of what they experienced at ECMC’s Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program.Remarkable, inspirationalBaseballer Joe Musgrove recently traveled to Antarctica to celebrate his 30th birthday and to break the record for the world’s fastest pitch, according to the Guinness …. Stagnant wages, abusive patients and short staffing were growing problems. Then came covid.

“Lost on the Frontline” is an ongoing project by Kaiser Health News and The Guardian that aims to document the lives of health care workers in the U.S. who died from COVID 19, and to investigate wh. VA is steadfast leading the way in President Joseph Biden’s Jan. 22 Executive Order to deliver economic relief to Americans amid the COVID-19 crisis by addressing economic hardships the Veteran community faces during the ongoing pandemic. . After a morning of emotional testimony from survivors of recent gun violence and experts, lawmakers voted on measures that would curb access to firearms, largely along party lines.Despite a wave of strikes spurred by the pandemic, they are still working in unsustainable conditions and hospitals are dangerously understaffed.

Buffalo Shooting: Suspect Lied to Evade a State Red Flag Law

A trove of online messages linked to the suspect also suggest he spent months planning the massacre and espousing racist and antisemitic ideas.Forecasts now show the storm hitting south of Tampa Bay, and much of the area has been removed from the cone. But powerful storm surge warnings remain. As the nation grieves for the victims of several recent mass shootings, the president called for a ban on assault weapons and new “red flag” laws.

The so-called Red Cup Rebellion is the biggest coordinated national action by unionized Starbucks stores.Wednesday’s roundup covers abortion, covid immunity, treatments, long covid, hepatitis, renaming monkeypox, antibiotic resistance, and more.Transcript: Mayor Eric Adams Holds a COVID-19 Briefing. Despite increased attention by schools, mental health resources remain inadequate to the scale of the need, and Montana’s youth suicide numbers remain stubbornly persistent.

Tuesday’s roundup covers covid boosters, falling covid rates, mask and vaccine mandates, ARPA-H, flu, homelessness, abortion, and more. Authorities defended their response to the shooting in a news conference, as some parents who lost children asked what happened during the hour of terror in which a gunman took 21 lives. “This could have been over in a couple of minutes,” one anguished father said.Officials described a harrowing series of 911 calls, including some from children inside Robb Elementary in Uvalde. The National Rifle Association’s annual convention opened in Houston and former President Donald J. Trump defended gun owners.

Why Watching Traumatic Events From Afar Can Be So Triggering

Plus, here’s how experts say you can take care of yourself if upsetting news headlines have you feeling sad, worried, angry, or retraumatized. The older we get, the more we need our friends—and the harder it is to keep them.It was the deadliest school shooting since the 2012 massacre in Newtown, Conn. .

. The president and first lady attended Mass and are visiting families in Uvalde. The Department of Justice will open an investigation into the law enforcement response.Years later, the state is still trying to execute him.Glaring disparities in wealth and health have taken a shocking toll on a huge number of Hamilton’s people.

Many soldiers who surrendered at a steel complex in Mariupol belong to the Azov battalion, a group with far-right roots, and the Kremlin may try them even as Ukraine is prosecuting Russians for war crimes. A look back at the esteemed personalities who’ve left us this year, who’d touched us with their innovation, creativity and humanity.There have been a lot of product recall notices in 2022, and while most of them deal with foods/food products that were, or may have been, contaminated, this one isn’t about anything edible, and it’s for a reason that we don’t see very often.Binghamton police are investigating a shooting that occurred at a home two blocks from a city elementary school.