. Thursday’s roundup covers Medicare Advantage, free covid tests, 2002 U.S. deaths, rising health costs, overdoses, mental health, and more.

Before its 24/7 mobile crisis response team hit the road in January, West Central Behavioral Health reached out to schools, police departments and hospitals to let them know about the one-of-a-kind service available on the New Hampshire side of the. Vice President Kamala Harris to deliver remarks at White House Summit and reinforce call for state and local leaders to invest American Rescue Plan funds. Monday’s roundup covers abortion laws, the opioid crisis, covid masking and vaccines, Medicare, mental health, autism, and more.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Wednesday’s roundup covers abortion travel and pills, RSV, Medicare and ACOs, medical supply shortages, alcohol misuse, and more.When the COVID-19 pandemic hit more than two years ago, gym owners wondered what the future was going to look like.Get Fit NH owner Meagan Baron was in an especially difficult position as she realized soon into the pandemic that her business, in its. 10:40 A.M. EST MR. ZIENTS:  Good morning.  And thanks for joining us today as we release President Biden’s National COVID-19 Preparedness. Infectious disease experts say crowded indoor venues such as gyms and bars are the highest risk places to contract flu, RSV, and COVID-19 this winter.

Respite care provides live-in caregivers a break. Family and friends can help, but we explain how to find professional respite services for extended or day care.Flu activity has been very high this year, even though it is just the start of flu season. We talked to experts about why this is happening.Wednesday’s roundup covers abortion, covid immunity, treatments, long covid, hepatitis, renaming monkeypox, antibiotic resistance, and more.As Ukrainians of all ages seek support both at home and abroad, here are ways you can donate.

Interest groups are spending millions in hopes of blocking legislation allowing Medicare to demand lower prices for prescription drugs.In yet another data point on missed learning during the pandemic, ACT scores from this year’s high school graduates dropped to their lowest level in three decades, according to a report released Wednesday. Exam-takers averaged 19.8 out of a possible 36 total points on the college admissions test, the first time since 1991 that nationwide. . .

Concord speeds past Memorial 9-2 at soccer Senior Night

. “Pox was done in the fall of 2019 a few short months prior to the introduction of COVID 19 into the common lexicon. What had started as an introspective reflection on my own struggles with mental illness has come to be expressive of a collective experience; an inward gaze on personal pain and struggle turned outward in empathetic witness to collective pain and struggle.Isolated older adults may be especially vulnerable to addiction issues with the onset of the pandemic. Here’s how telemedicine can help. This week, the number of adults waiting in hospital emergency departments for psychiatric treatment dropped to zero for the first time in more than a year. The state cleared the waiting list by offering a $45,000 per bed incentive for nursing. Hospitals and medical associations across the nation reacted to the Supreme Court’s June 24 decision to overturn Roe v. Wade by calling attention to the consequences it will have on vulnerable populations, and the increased demand providers will see in states where abortion services are still acessible. .

Potential neglect and prolonged isolation may have caused serious harm to many people in nursing homes in the United States during the Covid-19 pandemic, Human Rights Watch said today.States without income tax lean on inequitable sales and consumption revenues.CEO Karen Lynch, No. 1 on this year’s Most Powerful Women in business list, wants to make CVS Health a national player in primary care.

A by-the-numbers look at how Covid-19 has impacted the United States. The race features Democrat Matthew Martinez and Republican Carol Riggenbach. Data obtained by the Globe shows Black and Latino people in the prime of their lives died at rates up to three times higher than white people. TGIF! Today’s summaries cover federal vaccine mandate details, Pfizer’s covid pill, spending bills, strikes and more. Plus, weekend reads.