“Compartmentalization carried to the extreme becomes problematic.”. Mental health issues have been rising in North Carolina and the United States for more than a decade, including among the nation’s youngest people.

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. To help voters make informed choices, WFAE asked candidates for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Board a series of questions. Here are their replies. .

A police officer provides emotional testimony as the state legislature considers an expansion of workers compensation, but the bill’s likely doomed. .

NC education leaders ask General Assembly for $32M more to pay for school bus gas

The current state budget provides schools with $2.30 per gallon toward fuel costs. But diesel prices have been higher than that for months.As the pandemic has created an increased need for mental health professionals, Motivo Health is trying to break down barriers for the market to meet that demand.New research on battling interpersonal extortion.With the pandemic stretching into its third year and placing new demands on human resource professionals, burnout is a very real concern.The problem with “paranormal determinism.”.

. . The Post sent each candidate an identical list of questions, rather than conduct individual interviews, in an effort to offer identical treatment for all candidates. These are the responses received by deadline for Tuesday’s upcoming Election Day:   Board of Education 1. Note your education and profession 2. Note anything you feel qualifies you for. .

. . Emily Venable-Schiff made a move over the summer when she exited her long-time role with the Surry County Economic Development Partnership to take a job with Surry County in the Office of Substance. .