“Housing first” works, but it takes money, commitment, and, well, housing.Over 90% housed under Houston’s housing-first program have remained housed for over two years, city officials say. But further progress is challenged by a housing shortage and other factors.Over the course of a decade, Houston reduced its alarmingly high homeless population by 63%. Now, other major cities are reaching out for guidance.

Lawmakers offer more bills to address the California housing crisis, while Gov. Newsom announces plans to close another state prison.Research by NYU’s Deborah Padgett reveals how homeless guests benefitted from long-term hotel stays during the COVID pandemic. Over the past several years, home prices in Austin have risen at unprecedented rates. So, how do the candidates plan to make housing more affordable? And where do they stand on solving homelessness?.

Editorial: Border charities do the Lord’s work. Why is Abbott implying they’re the enemy?

El Paso is a welcoming city. We should be a welcoming nation.Rail expansion, emerging technologies such as digital twins and air taxis and new approaches to transit and housing have driven the news this year. Catch up with highlights from Smart Cities Dive.Los Angeles Mayor-elect Karen Bass promised to solve the city’s homelessness crisis in her first address after winning election as the first woman to lead the nation’s second-largest city.The arrival of up to 1,000 migrants, the latest big group to have crossed the border, was one of the largest single crossings in recent years in West Texas, which has seen a surge in migration.

. Austin City Council District 9’s eight-candidate general election field has narrowed to Zohaib. Big-city mayor races and elections for prosecutor and sheriff—especially in Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia—will shape policing, punishment and jail conditions in 2023.

A first-ever city bond will help pay to build rental and for-sale housing and to make. RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. (AP) — The November elections saw Californians continue to. WASHINGTON (AP) — The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare for the District of Columbia and.

Pittsburgh looks to Houston’s ‘housing first’ policy in addressing homelessness

Under orders from City Council to address the homeless crisis, Mayor Ed Gainey says the plan is in the works.Voters in several cities approved ballot measures to cap rents, part of a larger resurgence of rent control. Economists warn that such caps can actually reduce affordable housing overall.Taking a comprehensive ‘Housing First’ approach, the city of Houston has cut homelessness by 63 percent in the last decade. A look at how communities are making progress helping people who are homeless.Aurora city officials have been debating how best to address homelessness in a city that does not have enough shelter space nor enough affordable housing units available. Not everyone is on board w.

Damakant Jayshi While Wausau and Marathon County have struggled to address affordable housing and homelessness, a few cities and communities have largely. Houston has drawn national attention for its success over the past decade with what’s. The report found a 19% decrease in overall homelessness in the Houston area since 2020, and a 64% decrease since 2011.

This week, USICH Executive Director Jeff Olivet and Regional Coordinator Tamara Wright traveled to Houston, where the city and surrounding counties of Fort Bend, Harris, and Montgomery have been using American Rescue Plan funding to significantly reduce. Simple overall stats don’t show the truth of the housing crisis.Houston has touted its “housing first” approach to homelessness. We ask Councilmember Chris Hinds what might be possible in Denver.Police have had to eject hundreds of people from encampments. They still struggle to tell many of them where to go.I have an amazing job. I have both the honor and the responsibility of leading a federal agency committed to a singular purpose—to end homelessness in the United States. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is that I get to spend time in. Fixing Our City podcast: Texas’ largest city is getting national attention for its.