In Atlanta, a team of mental health experts is bringing care to adolescents whose needs often go unaddressed and misunderstood. The percentage of U.S. psychologists and psychiatrists who are Black and Latino is far lower than those groups’ proportion of the population, according to federal data and a 2020 study.

Depression and anxiety continue to plague an overwhelming number of America’s middle and high school students, particularly LGBTQ  and students of color, hampering efforts to boost learning from pandemic losses.  Secondary students at every grade level maintain depression, stress, and anxiety is the most common barrier to learning. And fewer than half of them, regardless. . Amanda Calhoun, MD, MPH, explains how providers can use celebs to connect with patients. You are lovable.

“I Walk Into a Room and I Make People Cry”: 10 Years After Sandy Hook

Joan Walsh spoke with Nelba Márquez-Greene, mother of slain student Ana, about the extraordinary depths of grief, love, and bravery Sandy Hook families have summoned in the decade since they lost their children.LONG BEACH, Calif. –  The stereotype of a homeless person is someone with a mental illness or substance-abuse issues panhandling on the corner. But an incr. Sad Girls Club is gifting free therapy to Black women and femmes through their new initiative called Remedy.This story was originally published by North Carolina Health News on Dec. 8. Story by Anne Blythe. Disability Rights North Carolina and the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP have joined .

Atlanta news anchor Fred Blankenship has built a whole morning mood around music, uplift, and reminding us of that dude we went to school with.Jonah Hill’s gently powerful documentary Stutz is a personal project about someone else’s work.When it comes to therapy, it can sometimes help to see someone who matches your identity. But Black therapists are underrepresented in mental healthcare, leaving people searching harder for a mental health professional who gets them.From rock star sagas to pivotal historical moments and majestic volcanic eruptions.

This is part one in the four-part series, Notice to Quit: How evictions affect. Daniel Etra, Co-Founder & CEO, ReThinkFirst shares 5 behavioral health trends that we see taking shape in 2023.It can be tough for Black therapists to get exposure on TikTok. They work to create safe communities for people of color to learn more about mental health and get resources for help outside the app.Dec. 13 new releases include Smile, Ticket to Paradise, The Woman King and Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile on Disc, while The Banshees of Inisherin and Prey for the Devil arrive for digital purchase. Paramount Home Entertainment will release the horror film Smile on Blu-ray Disc, DVD and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray on Dec. 13. The film … Continue reading “‘Smile,’ ‘Ticket to Paradise,’ ‘Woman King’ Lead Dec. 13 New Releases Slate”.

Mental Health of Black Youth: How Adults Can Help

Black youth are facing a mental health crisis, but there are ways that adults can help.Clients seek out therapists of color for a shared understanding of race and trauma. Youth suicide has been on the rise across the United States. And for young people between the ages of 5 and 12, the suicide rate for Black children is nearly double that of white children.What I learned from spending six days exploring the ruins of Asia Minor cities addressed by St. John. Data from the American Medical Association shows suicide rates have sharply increased, especially among young Black people.Seven suggestions to clinicians for skillfully conversing about race in therapy as exposure to racial violence increases for youth.

Experts say Black youth are experiencing a disproportionate increase in their suicide and attempted suicide rate: Learn the warning signs and contributing factors. Here are our pop culture picks for Dec. 12-18, including the best deals we could find for each.With antisemitism on the rise, the cultural institution decided to more fully embrace its Jewish identity.Dec. 12—My name is Joe Alexander. I am Holocaust survivor from Poland. And I survived 12 camps. These remarks began Alexander’s speech about his six-year harrowing journey through concentration camps, grueling labor and unimaginable atrocities. Horror and sorrow and pain etched into scores of faces at Chabad of Bakersfield as they closely listened to Alexander, now 100 years old, share his .

PATRICIA HIGHSMASH: For two years, @1PeterMilligan & @SalvadorLarroca made X-Men a psychosexual horror comic about colonialism, bigotry, self-doubt & space fungi. #XMen #MarvelComics. Youth suicide has been on the rise across the United States. And for young people between the ages of 5 and 12, the suicide rate for Black children is nearly double that of white children.People of color, while no less likely than white people to have ADHD, have lower odds of being properly diagnosed and treated, research shows.The average wait for a mental health care provider for a new patient referral in Utah is between two to six months. But experts say there are tools available to help bridge the treatment gap.Young women were much more likely to receive mental-health treatment than men. People of color, while no less likely than white people to develop depression, are less likely to be properly diagnosed and treated, research shows.