Mindfulness meditation practices can be an effective way to reduce stress and improve well-being in certain contexts. But as more and more employers offer some form of mindfulness training to their employees, it isn’t always clear whether these programs are actually paying off. To explore the impact of mindfulness in the workplace, the authors conducted a series of field studies in real-world work environments — and they found that while mindfulness can in fact be beneficial in some situations, it can be less effective (or even counterproductive) in others. Specifically, they found that both breath-based and loving-kindness meditation can help reduce the stress associated with emotionally charged social interactions, but that breath-focused meditation can actually make people less helpful in situations that require them to take accountability. As such, especially for programs targeting managers or executives (whose roles often necessitate the ability to take responsibility for past mistakes and proactively address issues), the authors suggest that breath-based meditation may not be the best approach. They go on to offer three strategies to help organizations implement the targeted mindfulness programs that will be most beneficial for everyone, ultimately suggesting that it’s critical for us all to identify the mindfulness practices that will be most effective for our unique roles, routines, and minds.A mindfulness meditation course may be as effective at reducing anxiety as a common medication, according to a new study.

Music may help ease anxiety, relieve pain, improve sleep, and more. Here’s how to reap the benefits of your favorite tunes for better well-being.Folks relying on short-term, freelanced office jobs, or jobs where pay is linked to hustle may often suffer poor health related to their financial insecurity, new research has shown.Learn what burnout is, some reasons it happens, and ways you can cope with it and overcome it through knowing yourself and your strengths.A guided mindfulness-based stress reduction program was as effective as use of the antidepressant escitalopram for people with anxiety disorders.

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Even when financial strain, family tension and overscheduling make it challenging.Plunging into chilly water may improve workout recovery, boost your mood, and ease pain. Here are the types of cold water therapy, plus ice bath benefits.A robust matchmaking is present ranging from prayer and you can recuperation, and you will prayer, recovery and you can reflection Prayer and you may recuperation are believed comparable aspects of of many spiritual life. Prayers to have recovery all are throughout the world. Many anyone continue steadily to understand prayers as the purely Religious, . Doctors are increasingly looking to alternative ways to address pain, through exercise, physical therapy, yoga, meditation, massage and acupuncture.

These six eating habits can help you avoid belly fat this holiday season and enter into the next few months with more confidence.In a small Austrian village, an experimental program finds—or creates—work for the unemployed.Do you find yourself “losing it” too often with family, friends and coworkers? You might want to look at how well you are sleeping.

Researchers say yoga proved to be more beneficial than stretching for cardiovascular health when combined with regular exercise. Stress, not to be confused with anxiety, is a response to perceived danger. Prolonged exposure to stress hormones is linked to these health issues.Multitasking isn’t an efficient way to get things done, according to the experts. It’s time to single task instead, and our brains will be happier for it.

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If you’d rather watch Netflix than get intimate with your partner, fear not: a more mindful attitude might reignite that spark. The study found there are some benefits for teachers and the “school climate” but any benefits are short-lived and the overall evidence that mindfulness works is weak.Snowy weather can help boost your mental wellbeing. We asked the experts to explain the psychology behind the nostalgia of a snow day. Greater Good’s editors pick the most thought-provoking, practical, and inspirational science books of the year. Could an Oura ring help put an end to my COVID sleep struggles?.

Present moment awareness and intention can help you stay calm + alert hour-by-hour at work. medication for hypertension not lowering blood pressure through meditation working well as the grapefruit or other ways to get careful. Look to Twitch, YouTube and apps for extra income.

Study finds that, contrary to what other research has found, a popular meditation course does not appear to alter brain structure.Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a holistic approach to treating a person’s mental and physical health problems. Learn more here.the spark ed pill, and they are rich in natural way to do men have higher sex drive enhance your sexual function. Lupus can affect several systems of your body, including your nervous system. Learn which symptoms this causes.It’s a new age for generative art, thanks to pixel-sorting, algorithm-sifting creatives. While the NFT market remains in flux, we delve into the rise of generative art, and the AI art boom. ***.