. Story at a glance College students who attended fully online classes reported more psychological distress than their peers who attend class in a hybrid format. Prior to COVID-19, young Americans fa. Pandemic-related stressors have literally altered the brain structure of teens, making them appear several years older.

. BOSCOBEL – The Boscobel Area School District is launching a new initiative to identify students with mental health struggles. A year in the planning, the program involves identifying students in the classroom who may be suffering from anxiety, depression, or other conditions, as well as routine screening for suicide risk.Most kids labeled as having an “emotional disability” and shunted into public special education schools are Black or Latino, and low income — while wealthier families more often access a taxpayer-funded free private education.

Friday, December 2, 2022

Friday’s roundup covers covid stress on teen brains, cannabis, viral outbreaks, vaccine data, overdoses, health disparities, and more.From the first day in office and every day since, the Biden-Harris Administration has led the charge to ensure that all African American families and. Today’s early morning highlights from the major news organizations.Wednesday’s roundup covers the fentanyl epidemic, flavored tobacco, misinformation on Twitter, covid, RSV, nursing homes, and more.

Overall, the mood of our PR prognosticators is upbeat as they anticipate PR continuing its recent ascension into 2023. Missouri’s budget surplus is growing rapidly, but the impact of tax cuts and policies intended to cool inflation may cut into revenue.There is no ignoring the burgeoning mental health crisis sweeping across America’s college campuses. Study after study shows that students are increasingly anxious, depressed and are experiencing at least one mental health issue.

. Here is a list of ELLE 100 women that we thought have used their powerful voice to impact their focused industry.We’re all looking forward to this year’s party season after the pandemic. Only now we’ve been hit with a cost-of-living crisis (sigh) and the word ‘budget’ hardly screams ‘party extravaganza’.Teenage comments in response to our recent writing prompts, and an invitation to join the ongoing conversation.

Are the efforts to promote student mental health working? Help us investigate.

Schools are using federal aid to ramp up support for student mental health. How well it’s all going is unclear. College students have been facing rising mental health challenges for years, but the pandemic exacerbated this worrisome phenomenon.American colleges are suffering a crisis of identity. Psychologist Howard Gardner recommends they refocus on helping students think better.At an event hosted by Chalkbeat and College Track, students explained that the pandemic added to their mental health burden. Here’s what they need now.An alarming number of LGBTQ students face harassment at school and report feeling depressed and hopeless, according to newly released survey results.

Colorado, Florida, and Idaho are the latest states to opt out of a survey that tracks concerning behaviors in high school students.DURHAM, N.C. – The pandemic has only amplified an already alarming mental health crisis among the nation’s young people – but there are ways for parents and communities to help, three Duke experts said Wednesday. Teens – a population already in peril before COVID-19 arrived – have struggled mightily under the weight of isolation, disconnection and the myriad family, financial and other problems prompted by the pandemic. But parents can look for warning signs both in their kids and themselves, experts said Wednesday in a virtual briefing for journalists. .

A growing number of students are looking past a college’s prestigious reputation as they consider which institution is best for their future.Story at a glance A survey from the online education program ELVTR found 54 percent of student borrowers experience mental health challenges due to the amount of debt owed. Fifty-six percent of tho. Using grant money, Rockingham County Schools is redesigning mental health support for kids at the community, district, and school levels.The psychiatrist and public-health expert Thomas Insel discusses how mental illness is a medical problem that requires social solutions.United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy issued a new Surgeon General’s Advisory highlighting the urgent need to address the health worker burnout crisis.Tens of thousands of coastal Texas residents have survived repeated extreme weather events including Hurricane Harvey. For many, it has taken an emotional toll, and researchers warn that climate change could be “catastrophic” for our mental health.