Mayor Eric Adams intends to remove people with severe, untreated mental illness from the streets. That will mean involuntary hospitalization of people deemed unable to care for themselves. Many city residents agree something needs to be done to remove people with severe mental illness from public places. But some experts say the mayor’s aggressive new approach may not help.

The first thing that Eric Adams, a former police officer and state senator and the current mayor of New York, noticed when he entered Athens City Hall on Thursday, was an enormous screen on one of the walls, featuring numbers corresponding to the real-time progression of various citizens’ requests across Athens.NYC CARE WINS TYSON AWARD FOR HEALTHCARE EQUITY: NYC Health + Hospitals’ NYC Care program, which provides access to low or no-cost primary and specialty care, prescription medicines, was honored during a Tuesday, November 29 ceremony with the 2022 Bernard J. Tyson National Award for Excellence in Pursuit of Healthcare Equity from the Joint Commission and. . Five articles from around The Times, narrated just for you.Eric Adams wants workers back in New York offices to save the its economy, and tackling the city’s rat problem may help him do that.

Mayor Adams Takes Major Steps to Help New Yorkers Access High-Quality Housing More Quickly, Move Fro

Mayor Adams Takes Major Steps to Help New Yorkers Access High-Quality Housing More Quickly, Move From Streets to Permanent Homes. Democratic officials and strategists in New York tell CNN they are bracing for what could be stunning losses in the governor’s race and in contests for as many as four US House seats largely in the suburbs.Transcript: Mayor Eric Adams Hosts Community Conversation on Public Safety. Transcript: Mayor Adams Expands Efforts To Connect Patients Experiencing Homelessness To Stable, Affordable Housing.

In the subways, nearly 80 people a week accepted shelter over a four-week period, Mayor Adams said. Officials have not yet said how many stayed off the street.NEW YORK (AP) — New York City Mayor Eric Adams is making an aggressive push to try to remove homeless people from the city’s sprawling subway system, announcing a plan to start barring people from sleeping on trains or riding the same lines all night.Eric Adams proposed a $171 million investment in homeless services that would fund outreach efforts and add temporary specialized shelters and drop-in centers.The mayor, who made improving public safety a theme of his campaign, is dealing with the fallout from a high-profile death in Times Square.

Mayor Eric Adams ran on a public safety message. He says crime is a national problem, but faces growing pressure to tackle it in New York City.From cops declining to enforce his directive to a chronic shortage of shelter and hospital beds, the mayor’s sweeping proposal faces major obstacles.Appearing more than comfortable with navigating everyday NYC dilemmas at the press podium, Mayor Eric Adams deftly swerves questions with new stats and a let’s-focus-on-this-instead strategy.

New York City Ends Private Employer Vaccine Mandate and Pushes Boosters

Mayor Eric Adams received the new booster on Tuesday, as he ended the Covid vaccine mandate and continued to roll back pandemic restrictions.He said he’ll be “heavy-handed” and crack down on cops that abuse their power, but won’t back calls to decrease the city’s law enforcement headcount.New York mayor Eric Adams’s ongoing push to remove all homeless encampments from the city is a theater of cruelty: a waste of resources that does nothing to address homeless New Yorkers’ need for housing.Transcript: Mayor Eric Adams Hosts Community Conversation on Public Safety in Queens. Gotham Gazette is an online publication covering New York policy and politics as well as news on public safety, transportation, education, finance and more.Eric Adams has served as a cheerleader for New York City’s revival while taking an aggressive stance against homeless encampments and signs of lawlessness.

. With violent crime surging, Mayor Eric Adams is testing how much policing a changed New York City will tolerate.Transcript: Mayor Eric Adams Announces Unprecedented Investments for Unsheltered New Yorkers.

Transcript: Mayor Eric Adams Launches Homeless Assistance Fund With NYC’s Business Community. Transcript: Mayor Eric Adams Appears Live on FOX 5’s. Mayor Eric Adams called out areas that haven’t “had their share of shelters” though stopped short of offering any specifics for how to get vagrants off the streets.Transcript: Mayor Eric Adams Delivers Remarks at the Bronx Support and Connection Center Ribbon-Cutting. Mayor Eric Adams will never ensure public safety on city subways if he won’t even admit the problem, as seemed the case Monday.