New York City Mayor Eric Adams is pushing to enforce a state law that allows first responders to involuntarily commit people experiencing a mental health crisis. Advocates for the homeless oppose this. And mental health professionals are questioning it. Robert Luna took his oath to serve as LA County’s next sheriff Saturday, as the next leader of the county’s largest sheriff’s department.

Those competing to represent District 9, which has some of Austin’s most unaffordable neighborhoods, don’t agree on how to solve the skyrocketing cost of staying housed — or what to blame.Sex and gender are among the most contentious topics of discussion within the Catholic Church today.
For Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, a human connection is key to having the difficult conversations that often come with presenting Church teaching on the subject.
Cordileone sees Pope Francis as a model. The brutal 2022 midterm campaign may be over, but the next elections are coming fast. Voter fatigue can make it hard to keep people engaged.

. The mayor has struggled to respond to thousands of migrants arriving on buses, and he has received criticism from every corner. In an act that should be seen as revolutionary, Africans are moving to the centre to benefit from the resources that continue to be extracted from their continent.

As some officials work to increase services, many residents just want people moved along.The tricked-out tent city Mayor Adams set up for migrants on Randall’s Island is a veritable wonderland compared to the nearby HELP Meyer shelter, according to outraged residents. With the Adams admin pushing homeless sweeps and canceling at least three shelters the pro-homeless volunteers are ramping up efforts to help other New Yorkers welcome struggling people rather than shoo them away.

In 2010, Chelsea Manning leaked secrets about military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Released in 2017, she tells her extraordinary story. Should developers get a shorter tax exemption period? Be made to offer more deeply affordable units? These details will determine if the 421-a program reemerges.The mayor says his focus on clearing unsheltered New Yorkers out of public spaces is part of a necessary strategy to connect a hard-to-reach population with city services. But housing advocates and those who’ve been subject to the sweeps say the administration is merely continuing a long-used practice that causes harm and doesn’t work.


Once a master of coalition building, Raila Odinga killed his own party and brand, handed over his backyard to William Ruto, threw in his lot with Uhuru Kenyatta, ended up being branded a “state project”, and lost.Gotham Gazette is an online publication covering New York policy and politics as well as news on public safety, transportation, education, finance and more.Alongside Commissioner Dan Ryan, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office has crafted a series of resolutions that aim to build at least three large city-sanctioned camping sites and ban other homeless camping across Portland. The Portland City Council will hear public comment Wednesday afternoon.Some executives at nonprofit groups that operate New York City homeless shelters are benefiting from the plight of the people they serve. Street homelessness and despair appear to be rising on city streets and partial county data shows drug overdose deaths also spiked among homeless residents last year, ushering in renewed calls for new solutions.

You hear the title, the story, and the star, and certain expectations are raised.The issue should be front and center in the 2021 mayoral contest.