New York Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday directed first responders to enforce a state law that allows them to potentially involuntarily commit people experiencing a mental health crisis, as part of an attempt to address concerns about homelessness and crime.Critics blamed the potential deadly surge in response times on serious staffing shortages in the NYPD and FDNY.The order comes just weeks after Mayor Adams chastised NYPD officers on the street for chatting on the job.

Mayor Adams was spotted clutching what appeared to be an iPad and his trademark smoothie on the crime-riddled subway.Mayor Eric Adams’ effort to clean up NYC’s subway system involves school nurses and outreach workers working with cops to convince homeless people to accept help.n NYPD cop who sued over the city’s COVID vaccine mandate can’t be fired for not having the jab, according to a new ruling.Gotham Gazette is an online publication covering New York policy and politics as well as news on public safety, transportation, education, finance and more.

Duck and cover: Mayor Eric Adams confronted by Post unicorn front page

Speaking with CNBC’s “Squawk Box” co-host Andrew Ross Sorkin, Mayor Adams was grilled on his stance on rising crime concerns in the Big Apple.The NYPD has yet to comply with the FBI’s voluntary crime reporting system after years of warning — and now has a hard deadline of June to make the grade.Vera works closely with government and civic leaders to urgently build and improve justice systems that ensure fairness, promote safety, and strengthen communities.Police arrested the “ninja” who attacked another man with a sword sheath on a subway train Thursday.

Mayor Eric Adams on Sunday touted to the media his two-day “mayoral summit on criminal justice’’ that he just held with city district attorneys.Mayor Eric Adams on Sunday tried to assure the public that the subways are safe after last week’s rampage.Mayor Eric Adams will never ensure public safety on city subways if he won’t even admit the problem, as seemed the case Monday.Adams insisted he would aggressively fight the high court’s decision to strike down the Empire State’s century-old law restricting firearms.

Documents and interviews with current and former employees at Harlem’s Metropolitan Hospital show that workplace injuries have caused employees to miss thousands of work days over the past four years.The NYPD has identified a man that detectives are looking for who may be connected to the mass shooting that unfolded on a crowded subway train in Brooklyn at the height of the morning rush hour on Tuesday. Officers recovered a Glock 17 9mm semiautomatic pistol, three extended-capacity magazines, four smoke grenades, a hatchet, a container of gasoline, and a key to a U-Haul rental van, a top police official said. A whopping 13,931 “workplace injuries” happened during the fiscal year ending June 30.

NYPD’s losing battle and cops in the subways: PBA

The NYPD has reduced the number of cops assigned to full-time patrol in the transit system — even as crime surges on the rails, data provided to The Post show.The Post visited four of six subway stations identified by City Hall as having the “highest need” and only spotted workers at two locations, who were found toiling alone. . Elizabeth Gomes — the mom of five who was pummeled by a homeless maniac at a Queens subway station — asked Mayor Eric Adams to put more NYPD at subway stops.Subway musician Jazz Ajilo, the “dancing is happiness” man on social media, was arrested at the 34th Street Herald Square subway station.So far this year 250 detectives have retired in the NYPD, leaving the total number at about 5,600 — nearly 2000 less than two decades ago.“We’ve met our goals and have exceeded them,” Adams said during an appearance in Manhattan.

The city’s future is at dire risk until our crime-enabling leaders wake up and face the reality every straphanger knows all too well — or the voters replace them. . Through a lawsuit with the city and a push for a new law, Pierre’s family seeks justice and change.A rookie NYPD cop was stripped of her badge for falsely claiming to be Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell’s niece.In the 20 years since Kendra’s Law took effect, research has shown some positive outcomes. But the law’s strong-arm approach to getting people services in an overtaxed system is no less controversial now than when it was first proposed.

A total of about 168 officers will be part of the first wave of units, with the remaining roughly 300 hundred to be added on a rolling basis as they complete their seven-day training, police offici. New York City’s controversial chokehold ban — dubbed the “diaphragm law”— is back on the books in the Big Apple after a new appeals court ruling Thursday.When Chastity Murry had her first psychotic break, she went into her bathroom and downed a whole bottle of pills, hoping to die. Her teenage daughter had to perform CPR to save her life. Around tha. The Street Vendors Project says promised city reforms have done nothing to stop a ticket blitz targeting their members.The subways are the veins of our city; if they are unsafe, the entire metropolis withers.A recent survey by the Supportive Housing Network of New York found that 10 percent of the city’s apartments for homeless housing are sitting empty,.