Deputy Darrin Lawson had his left leg amputated below the knee after being wounded in what’s being called the deadliest police shooting in state history. Authorities described the tragedy as a “tactical ambush” with “a field of fire of over 200 yards”. The officers were responding to a 911 call about an apparent dispute between two brothers that appears to have been a deliberate act to lure LE to the scene.

During the course of about four minutes, the man fired 15 rounds from two rifles at officers responding to reports he assaulted a family member. Robert Hoobler suffered from lingering health issues after a car crash led doctors to amputate both of his legs. Sgt. Joe Garcia says the kindergartner reminded him of his own son. El Monte Police Chief Ben Lowry’s death hit hard a department still processing the loss of two of its officers who were slain during a shootout in June.

Gov. Beshear visits recovering Floyd County deputy after deadly shooting

Governor Andy Beshear visited Floyd County Deputy Darrin Lawson Thursday evening at the hospital in Lexington.The number of felonious deaths increased from the previous year. Serpico, a former cop known for exposing NYPD corruption, has been waiting for the recognition since he was shot in the face in 1971.