Mayors have launched numerous initiatives over the years to remove people with severe mental illness from the streets and subways.KHN has confirmed that the crisis hotline was up and running Friday morning. The national hotline was down for several hours Thursday for unknown reasons. Callers received a message saying it was “. Mayor Eric Adams has tried to focus on combating subway crime, including blanketing stations with 1,000 additional officers.

. Governor Hochul delivered remarks at the New York Housing Conference Annual Awards Program, where she discussed New York State’s housing crisis and shared her plans to outline bold solutions in her upcoming State of the State address.There’s no business or personal problem too complex for these Power Lawyers.

Morning Update: Winnipeg police announce charges in alleged serial killings of four women

The accused was initially charged in May with first-degree murder of Rebecca Cantois. After a six-month probe, police announced he is being charged with the murders of three other women. PHEFFER AMATO GETS A RECOUNT: Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato’s campaign for re-election released the following statement: “When the very essence of our nation’s democratic values is under attack, Assemblywoman Amato’s campaign is committed to making sure every vote is counted. The Board of Elections staff has preliminarily invalidated the votes of close to 100 absentee voters. General election finalists Ryan Alter and Stephanie Bazan are in the District 5 runoff election.Jacksonville Victorian Christmas: The annual holiday tradition of a “Victorian Christmas,” begins with the Jacksonville Victorian Christmas parade at 10 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 3, along California Street.

With stately townhouses and a cute bakery, Brooklyn Heights is shaping up to be the next West Village.NY1's Courtney Gross takes a closer look at the crisis.The holiday season has finally arrived! From Christmas festivities and fine dining to exhibitions and stage plays, Canberra is bustling this weekend.Governor Hochul, at an event with New York City Mayor Eric Adams, announced major investments to help improve access to acute mental health care and hospital psychiatric beds across New York State. .

Eric Adams won’t succeed unless he mandates treatment for the violent mentally ill.The Utah trial highlighted what the defendants argued is a lack of transparency for the treatment of animals at large corporate farms.The museum’s director had previously said he was not going to erase the name of the Sackler family, which founded Purdue Pharma, the creator of an addictive opioid painkiller.Most aren't satisfied with the affordability of housing.

Education Department Expands Student Loan Relief Programs

A lengthy set of rule changes will reduce the total cost for many federal student loan borrowers and ease rules for debt elimination.Governor Hochul announced funding awards of up to $75 million to create nine new Intensive Crisis Stabilization Centers across the State that will assist any adult, child, or adolescent experiencing a behavioral health crisis. . A large new study offers clues about how lower-income children can rise up the economic ladder.Three watchmakers who met as students now work together to fix and renovate timepieces.Governor Hochul signed legislation S.07144/A.07686 providing addiction and mental health services training, including crisis intervention team training, mental health first aid, implicit bias and naloxone training, to firefighters and emergency medical services personnel in regions where crisis stabilization centers are located.  . It’s a sweltering sunny day in New York City, but Dana Aber stands on the Times Square-42 Street subway platform in a heavy leather Jacket. “I thought maybe it would be just a little bit better protection than a thin coat, in case I got shot,” she told CNN.

The former president must pay a $110,000 fine that accumulated during the two-week contempt period and meet other conditions or the order will be reinstated, a judge said.Christina Yuna Lee was a creative producer at a digital music platform. The 25-year-old man arrested in her killing had a record of misdemeanor arrests.The shelter in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge would have housed 49 men and is one of three that New York City planned for the area.Morgan Monaco is taking over at the Prospect Park Alliance. She’ll have a short commute to work.

Through her foundation for contemporary art, Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza has turned a family passion into collaborations with artists.Progressive groups are expert at persuading courts to release mentally ill people in the name of freedom.Since the beginnings of Batman, pop culture has embraced the figure who lives on the boundary between law and lawlessness. With truth and justice now seemingly up for grabs, do those stories still make sense?. Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s district attorney, said a murder charge against Jose Alba could not be proved. Mr. Alba’s supporters said he acted in self-defense.“It is time to end all forms of stigma and discrimination against people with mental health conditions,” editorialized the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet earlier this mont. .