The lawsuit alleges the university forced students to withdraw from the school after showing severe mental health disability symptoms. .

The Yale Law School’s Strategic Advocacy Clinic filed a harrasment complaint last week against Bard College, on behalf of the school’s recently-fired gay Black female professor.AARP, which represented the plaintiff, was previously engaged in a yearslong legal battle with EEOC over the nature of its wellness program regulations.The politically powerful people of Nassau and Suffolk counties.Over the course of her nearly decadelong run in the Texas legislature, Democratic state Rep. Celia Israel has worked to establish herself as a champion for equality.  As a state representative, Isr.


. In March 2022, Yale University announced a motion to settle a class action for $1.29 million after employees alleged that the University’s Health Expectations Program violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA). About 6,000 union employees were required to participate in the program, designed to encourage employees to. . Virginia’s new school guidelines don’t just harm transgender students. They also attack school-employee rights.“If you’re a Black artist, you could paint a wall of smiley faces, and someone will still ask you, ‘Why are you so angry?” – Kara Walker, Black American artist and filmmaker _________________________ WOW2 is a four-times-a-month sister blog to This.

With the Supreme Court poised to reduce or even eliminate affirmative action in college admissions, a recent study has offered a unique window into the magnitude of racial preferences in America’s elite colleges. The paper, part of a series of studies conducted in the wake of high-profile litigation against Harvard and the University of North. . Days before its summer programs were scheduled to start, Minneapolis Public Schools sent a letter to the parents of hundreds of children with disabilities saying the in-person services the families had been promised had been moved online. For many, it was a one-two punch: Students needed the summer support to recover ground lost during distance. .

On Oct. 18, federal judge Loretta Biggs of Winston-Salem ruled against Students for Fair Admissions, affirming the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s right to employ. . The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights on Thursday launched an investigation into allegations of “severe and persistent anti-Semitic harassment” against students at Brooklyn College. The Department is set to begin its investigation a year after the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights filed a complaint on behalf of Jewish students in Brooklyn. . Psychiatrist Bandy Lee said it was her professional responsibility to warn the public about Trump’s mental state,.